My First Painting

This is my first painting I did when I was 8. This painting was my first art I ever did. When I was sitting in the house bored. My mom and I went to Kmart and bought some paint by numbers. We bought some and brought them home. When I seen there was a Jesus picture I decided it would be a good challenge. I started to paint this and I worked on it. I remember working the colors and doing the art one section at a time and When I got to the end the background. I was thinking I’ll just keep it this way. You can look at the background and see where I stopped. I ran up the stairs to my house and I put it on the wall. I wanted to just look at it. I made that I said to myself. I did this. I opened books that had art on it. I had this feeling that maybe I could be an artist. I looked art and Jesus so I played a game in my head. If I can ask Jesus if I will be an artist or not. I wanted support and I found it through him. When I wanted to see art I wanted to please people in what I can do. I painted to prove myself. I took to drawing a lot because there is not money for paints. Drawing is the cheapest way to do art and most expressive. I believe that art is the most fun thing to do. The dreamer in me said I love to paint. I love to express myself in color and to build an image from the ground up to become something that is so beautiful. Love for art starts with a desire from your heart. Not because of some logical thing on how to paint. Or the want to get money or sell and School can only teach you the way to do things and get a degree. There has to be something that starts in your heart from an early age. My first painting was a mode that set something in my life. Life was so different after that painting. I still look at this painting and say what if. Can I still be an artist? The first painting is a symbol of hope for me. Thanks for reading. Daniel


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