Unicorn Family

I had painted this in 1994. I painted it for Mary my sister and years later I seen it in moms room nailed into the canvass in some strange way. I took it out. Brought it home and had it on my wall. More years later I actually gave it to Amanda. I wanted it to have a special meaning in life. I didn’t want to just leave it in the room. I cleaned it up and pulled the nails out of the canvas. Mom didn’t know what she was doing and I put too much work into this art to leave it there with nails all over it. LOL You know that feeling when you see a child of your being abused? I was feeling rotten inside that she would do that. I took it immediately. LOL well, I would like to say that this painting reminds me that I can draw still. I think I can draw better today then then. When I drew and painted this picture I wanted to do one thing. Imagine. I wanted to imagine a picture and paint it. I painted this from not looking at anything but imagination purely and only. I just started to draw horses and drew the scenery in to it. I had a lot of people liking this image. I thought it was fun and neat. I need to do this more again. Thanks for reading. Daniel


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