My first Acrylic Art

My first painting I ever used acrylic paint with. My first Acrylic Paint set. It was a professional grade of Liquitex High grade art paint. When I painted this I was looking for something really great to do. I wanted something that I could keep for my life to look back on and feel good about. I wanted the image to last. I got this art book out and was looking at ideas. I found this simple drawing of a Geisha and I decided to do a color version of this black and white brushed ink drawing. In the 13th century this was originally made. I thought when I painted this was all the things I could put in the painting. The back ground and how to build up the colors. I did more than one paint layer built up in layers to achieve what you see. I started with browns in the background. I really loved to see the method of building the art up layer by layer. Each painting is a lesson because you need to do something different every painting to achieve a look for the content. When I did this painting I had to build up the white on the face. White does not cover so well. You need to build up color and white to make it more strong with full coverage. I thought this painting had some culture in it. I was happy with it. I showed it to some people and they said oh looks okay. Sure whatever. I was heartbroken but I feel that I did a good job. I learned and still learn every day that it is so hard to become a good artist and be seen for your talent that you have. I’ll keep working on my art and my writing. Life is a hard thing. Life is the question. You have to ask. What do you want to do the most? I love this art because it made me a bigger artist and more experienced.

Thanks for reading, Daniel


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