A Painting with Two Lives

Back in around 1994 I painted a scenery in oil paint on canvas for my grandmother Isabelle Hawkins. I painted the scenery that is behind the unicorns. I used a frame that was for another painting. I remember painting this canvass thinking about how I wanted to make it look realistic. I used very many techniques that were new to me at the time in the art. I built up my darks layer by layer and the colors were put in after the fact with many layers. I worked hard on the color and the contrasts. This painting could have been drawn a bit better as the scenery.  I drove from Austin, Minnesota north to Grand Rapids Minnesota and there is a town near by called Bovey. Isabelle my grandmother lived in that very small town. Which is the hometown of the picture “Grace”. Years later I took the painting back because Isabelle (or Izzy she was called by her nick name) gave me the painting back and told me to hang on to it. Izzy did like the painting a lot. She liked that I wanted to do art. Later i put Unicorns on it to give it to my girlfriend Amanda. In 2007 or so I believe. I think it was such a nice deal to re use the scenery and put unicorns on it (Amanda’s Mom was the one who thought of that idea). I of course forget about birthdays and I forget about holidays. I never really was one to celebrate them days and we did not growing up. So long story short, I was late and was rushing to get this done. I had oil paint and they don’t dry fast. I had 2 days and everything was wet. I got it done and presented it to Amanda and she was happy with it. I have a picture of something in the back. on the back of the painting. It is a picture of snoopy. I thought I would paint that because the idea really came from Amanda’s dad. Here is a picture of the art on the back of the painting.Enjoy Thanks for reading. Daniel

Snoopy and the Red Baron
Snoopy and the Red Baron

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