Writing Stories.

I have been writing stories. I have been thinking about them. How they should go. How I should write them. How they are suppose to read. If I can use good grammar or not. I have been thinking i am not good enough yet. I am a novice just starting out writer. I hope that I can make some good quality writing. I have hope in my talents an my writing skills. I hope the best from you all and your support as well. I know I might not write complex stories when I start out. I know what I will have to expose my flaws. I am just starting out. I thought instead of perfecting everything I do to have perfect standards. Which would take me forever. I would like to write and share as I go and learn along the way. This decision is out of a necessity that I need to be active. If I work it to perfection then I think I have scared myself out of doing some real stories. So I wanted to let you all know that I’m going to come out with more stories and if you see that I am an amateur then its okay. We all have to start somewhere. Thanks for reading. Daniel


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