The Lion And The Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse
A lion was awoke from his sleep by a mouse running over his face. Rising up angrily, he took the mouse and was about to eat him, when the mouse screamed and started saying: “If you do not eat me, I would be sure to replay your kind deed.” The lion laughed at the thought of a mouse being able to help him. Being a mighty big cat and able to help himself anytime he wishes. As it happens shortly after this event. Some hunters came up on the lion and trapped him with ropes. The mouse, recognizing his roar, came and gnawed the rope with his teeth, and set him free. The mouse then said “You laughed at me and the idea that I could help you being so small. You did not believe I could help but you let me go. I heard your voice and came to your rescue and helped any way I could because I am in your favor. It is hard to predict the benefits of others, but only in hindsight we can.


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