Shell Shock

Note to reader:

This story is just a spontaneous writing more like a story that comes to my mind and I write it down as I go. Freestyle. I wish to write like this for fun. Please enjoy even if you don’t like the content. Please understand I’m new to writing and just sharing my stories that come to me as I write. Thank you Daniel

The Intro
The Man woke to the sound of thunder. We woke to the sound of the man screaming. We worked thinking that he was injured. We immediately ran to his room. This old man was very afraid.His face was held in terror as I entered the room. My heart jumped out of my chest. We have woke up to this same thing in the past when the screams and startles us out of our beds at night. This mans name is Henry and was a Major in the Army in the second World War. He thinks that he is in trouble but we know he suffers from shell shock. We also know if we do not check on him we might regret it. He tried to kill the maid with a knife last summer. it must be very hard for Henry re living the war over and over. Jumping at every loud noise. We have to figure him out. We need to take care of him since he cannot take care of himself. Our lives center around this man named Henry so much that we forget about our own. Giving care to this man takes all the time we have. Now to go about our day tired and woken early. The day will be long and tiring. Its bright out today and full of sunshine that should be good but it is not. The sun is hurting my eyes so much that I’m coming down with a headache. I get Henry and we walk down the street to the market to get some food. I’m sure Henry is hungry just as much as I am.  To be Continued….


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