Shell Shock Part 2

The Confrontation.

As we left off from part one. Henry and I were walking down the street to the market to get food. We get to the market after much hiding and ducking for cover around every building and tree. Very different Henry is. I watched him and giggled. Its funny. To spur him on and get him out of cover I had to yell “Look she’s a Nazi”. Henry came out screaming “Where is she? Those damn Nazi they won’t get away with it!.” Well it helps him to move along so heck it works. We get to a hot dog stand where I just love brats cover with mustard and sour kraut. I began to eat the food. Henry yells out. “I knew you were a spy! You Kraut!” Henry gives chance and we run to my favorite store to shop. God I was like “Henry is so funny with the hand gesture like he is holding a rifle and making noise with his mouth that he shot me.” Sometimes I lay on the ground and pretend to be dead. I get a lot of strange looks that way. I figure what the heck why not its fun. I go in to the store and ask the manager if they have what Im looking for in black. They look in the back room and just then I look over and I see Henry with an orange. “Where did he get that orange.” I thought. Well he cocked his arm back and when the Manager of the store walked back in the room an orange comes flying through the air and hits him right in the side of the face. “Hey” yells the man. He looks toward Henry and says “Who are you and why did you do that? Well I turned red in the face and said. “Excuse us please, Henry is a patient and I’m his care giver.” The Manager said “Well keep him under control.” We walked out and we got a lot of funny stares. I got what I wanted and I was happy. I guess you get used to these things after awhile. When we got back we had a problem going back in to the “Funny Hospital” I call it. Well Henry wouldn’t come back in. He said I’m a Kraut and I cannot be trusted. I had to ask another Nurse to ask him to come in. It was not fun but we got him in. She sedated him he got so worked up! It was amazing. I never seen him like that. As Henry woke from a deep sleep he looked at me and his eyes wide said “Kraut Kraut!” I was like hmmm wow he still is going on that trip. I checked his pulse and it was racing like mad. He is so scared. Time to talk to him about this. I said. “Henry! Henry! Major Henry can you talk to me?” and he replies. “No you can’t Kraut, My serial number is 39901 my name is Henry Dale Johnson.” Henry repeats this over and over. I asked is that all your going to say? Henry repeats the whole thing again. “Wow he really is just going on and on isn’t he?” I said to a nurse name Kelly that was walking by the open door. Kelly asked. “How is dear ole Henry?” “He’s in a bad way today” I said. “Let me talk to him” Kelly said. So Kelly starts to talk to Henry. I filled her into what he was going on about. “Henry, She is a spy.” Kelly said. “I knew it! I knew it! damn spies they are alike you Kraut.” Kelly blurts in “No she is an american spy on the other side we are spying on the Krauts.” “She eats the food of the enemy!” Screamed Henry. Kelly gives me a look and says. “Wow I can’t figure it out, but I got another thing up my sleeve.” “Henry Dale Johnson, Number 39901 i command you to work with our spy.” Henry cries “You are fooling me.” Kelly says no I am not you can see by the tattoo on her neck. We look at each other. I took out a black marker and handed it to Kelly and she wrote my number on my neck fast. I turned around and it was written 394849 and showed it to Henry. Henry look at it and looked at it again. I was now not his enemy. Henry looked at me and said “Who are you and why are you here?” I had to come up with something fast. I said. “I came to Germany as a spy and I am trying to get close to Hitler to assassinate him, my mission is top secret.”  Henry said. “We will make that our mission.” Just then a person passed by the window Henry panicked and just stood up straight away and picked up an apple and threw it through the window and a man Screamed. I covered my mouth in a smile and Henry jumped on us. “Get down, its not safe.” We got pulled down to the floor and waited. He thought it was a dud. Henry was looking frantically around. Just then a man walks through the door with an apple in hand! To Be continued.


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