Shell Shock part 3

Henry was the first to see the man with the apple in hand and started yelling. “He has the grenade protect yourself!” Just then Henry jumped behind his bed and waited for the Kraut to throw the grenade well actually apple. I went over to the guy he came in and asked who was it that threw the Apple. This guy had a big welt on his head. Wow Henry has a pretty good arm for throwing apples! ahahaha. “Sorry that you got hit in the head my patient suffers from Shell shock and many other things. He threw the apple thinking he was protecting us. Oh and what is your name sir?” I asked. “My name is Billy and I don’t like getting hit in the head.” Billy said. “Well sorry for this incident and if you walk buy duck when you go by the windows. It might help us both out.” “Oh, Sure, Right, Okay bye now that I know he’s a wacko its okay.” Billy said. “Well, Billy was not very happy Henry, What do you say to that?” I asked  Henry then replies. “He is a kraut and you are a spy, I can’t trust any of you.” I was thinking “How do I play with this?” Then I got something in my mind. Maybe this will work. “Hey, Henry would you like to go kill Hitler with me today?” Henry looked at me and said. “What,  would you want to kill your Leader for?” “I am an american spy not a Kraut I am on a mission to kill Hitler.” I said. Well he looked at me and looked at an apple. He threw it at me and ducked behind the bed again. I picked up the apple and threw it back. Henry looked at the apple and said “What a delay on the fuse?” Henry picked up the apple and thew it back at me hit me in the shins. “Ouch you hurt me!” I said. Then Henry replies fast. “Great you Kraut, you deserve this.” I started to giggle as I looked at him and pitched the apple and hit henry in the gut. “What is wrong with this grenade, It should have went off by now!” I said I have taken the powder out of it it won’t blow up. “Wow you have to be a spy you are sabotaging everything around here!” Henry said. “well with you around yes, I have to make this place safe.” I said with a giggle. Well, this was fun. I think Henry should be hungry. Now to get him out from behind that bed and to breakfast. to be continued.


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