Shell Shock Part 4 (End)

Henry was not wanting to come out from behind the bed. Henry then shouted. “What is your name?” I do not know your name.” “I said I’ll tell you if you come out and get your breakfast.” I really wanted to just grab him up and drag him to breakfast. No time for this. “Okay my name is Kathy. I am not an American/German spy.” “I am the care giver that takes care of you in this hospital.” Henry then screams “Lies, Lies, Lies You are a spy, I know a kraut when I see one!” I laugh and look at him. Henry is excited and going on and on about How I am lying. I got restless. So I go across the room and I pulled the bed away from him. Henry was shocked that I could pull the bed away so fast. I grabbed Henry’s hand and pulled him out of the room and down the hall. Finally were making progress. Were getting closer to the dining room. Just then Henry hits me in the head with an apple. It was a hard little sucker I was dazed for a bit. I looked back and Henry has a banana and is calling headquarters for an air raid on my location. I laughed. We got to the table and I sat Henry down. He was hungry but he went on and on talking about how I am a spy. I brought the food out and put it on his table. We have been working hard to keep Henry safe and well adjusted sometimes its hard. Like the one time during supper time he lit fireworks off and scared everyone. You never know Henry. He is un predictable.  As we talk Henry mentions about his time in the war. How he really didn’t like the war much. It was a place he is the most afraid of. Henry would jump at the sound of thunder, car backfire or anything would set him off. Henry and I would talk into the night. In spite of being hard to work with at times Henry was a very nice and interesting person to talk to. It will never be boring here as long as Henry is with us.  (The End)


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