Two Poems Today

This poem I wrote in my later teen years. I would say 17 around there. I was writing on my type writer and with pen on paper. I liked to just sit in my room and write. I never studied writing. I just did it for fun. Any idea that came to my mind I just worked it out on paper. Here is a poem I made just by random. Here are two for you today. Please enjoy. Daniel


People waking up
People taking shower
People going outside
People working
People eating
People drinking
People with life problems
People thinking
People living
People loving
People in commitment
By the act of doing what comes natural.
All of us in the act of doing.


The trees in the forest
Cannot stand
The lumberjacks blade
Naked forests
Make the land barren
Under mans destruction
Birch trees stand
Raped of their skin
Mountains, valleys, all cleared
Mans paper will burn
Trees will rot
Our animals slaughtered
Our food is wasted
Everything exists
Then is gone
Mans threat continues
With elevated high


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