Poems For You All

This was written when I was a teenager. So please have fun and read and enjoy.


With eyes of blue
And hair of blonde
And heart of red
One can see the me
That is on the outside
With the menial knowledge
And can see the heart in my chest
With X-ray eyes
But one don’t see the visions
Possessed in my head
Visions with action or not
With rhythm as they change me
To see what you see
I”m a changling
See me change!


In the vision of God
Lies the visions of
The kingdom of Heaven
As he shouts his presence
On our mortal eyes
In our mortal ears
The vision of God
Is reflected in our eye
And in turn passed on
To all


On my waking thoughts
I see the whole day
I sit up and pray
For each morning
For each night fall
Through each passing day
I see the men
Walking so quietly in
Through my window of thought
I see the congregation
Which I will soon join
I see
All the day upon
My waking thoughts


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