Dead Battery

Dead Battery

Well I’m ready to start my day. I worked in a place that makes you sit all day. Its called Security. I sit and watch monitors. I have a good book some chips and my radio and it looks like it has a full charge. I’m ready to start the night. Well the night went along great till half way through. Just kinda the same night after night, the usual night. People walking in and out at shift change. Life as a security guard is slow and usually predictable. Some people use this type of work as a retirement job. I worked this job because I couldn’t get a job elsewhere. I would like to be making more money but I’m stuck. Life has its hold on you in many ways. We do what we can do to survive. I was in the middle of my tuna sandwich when I heard a loud crash. I jumped 3 feet out of my chair and hit my knee against the counter top. I sure hit my knee hard and was in pain. When I came around I heard another loud crash. I got my trusty flashlight and proceeded out the lobby door. Now is a good time I wish I was an armed guard. Armed with a flashlight only. A 4 cell C battery flashlight can make a pretty good blunt force weapon. Only in self defense I mind you all. Our job is to observe and report we are not cops and have no power of arrest and detain . I was walking out in the parking lot and I seen a huge bright light over the horizon. The car window of my favorite Dodge Charger Muscle car 1970’s year, the windows were blown out and shattered. Just then I looked around and noticed all the cars in the lot had the same damage. I began to walk out further and looked toward the light. the light was tree height. It was growing more bright and bigger and seemed to be fully focused on one place. There started to shine a beam of light onto a power house. Boom! the power house blew up. Sparks flew all around like a firework in the sky but this was not the sky. Sparks fell all over the surrounding ground and shrubs. Lighting a small fire in a bush. I ran to the side of the building where I knew where a fire extinguisher was located. I smashed the glass with the hammer. I remembered how that was harder than I thought it would be at first. I reached in and got a small cut on my right palm and not concerned with my pain however minor. I walked fast to the bush and sprayed the contents of the fire extinguisher on the base of the fire just as I was taught in my training. I was happy about my skills. I looked up and the light grew dim. Just when I was trying to see what was causing the light. I remember looking for an object or a flying vehicle that could do such a thing. Hover and have so much light that would blind me. But as I kept looking and squinting to see better it grew faint and died off entirely. I could not see anything where it was. I walked around the whole area looking for more fire that I might have to put out. I said to myself “Now do I put that on an incident report?” Still searching the area for about 15 minutes. I see nothing. (to be continued)


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