Dead Battery (Part 2)

Dead Battery (Part 2)

What is a guard to do? Oh I had a bright idea. I went to look to see if the one camera in the lot would have the footage stored on tape. I went back in and checked the recorder and to my amazement what did I find? I found that I had forgotten to start the recorder. I wish we had a more modern digital system but this system had to be manually started and stopped and stored on tape. Well now I need to answer to this mess.
Just as I start to write my reports and get my paper work ready. My relief walks in and asks me how the night goes. I was very shaken. He wasn’t kidding when he said looks like a war out there. I said “Something like that, maybe war of the worlds or space aliens.” He shrugged and said “Yeah something like that.” Roy was his name. He was a funny character. Light hearted guy who likes to drink and have fun. Playing pranks and just working as little as he could. One of his favorite saying was “If I can get paid to count sheep at work then I’m down for it.” Work was a way to get beauty rest. It was not a way to work and worry about anything, not to him anyway. So I decided to keep my mouth shut about this situation. Roy said “No, so what really happened out there?” I said “Well, to be honest a transformer blew and made a hell of a mess and a small fire.” Roy was esthetic and he thought that was neat! He wanted to see the footage straight away. I said in return that I forgot to hit the record button on the start of my shift. Roy sat down and said “Now that would have been a great thing to see, too bad I was looking for excitement tonight.” I was worried about getting caught and in trouble about not having started the security tape. Now time to move on and get into my car and drive home. When I looked out the window I expected to see my nice lovely car completely covered with glass. I looked outside and to my amazement. I did not see anything out-of-place and the power house was not damaged and no blown up transformer. Nothing happened. Didi I dream this? I ran back into the building to talk to Roy. I looked all over for Roy. Hey I said to the guard in the seat I just left a minute ago. Where is Roy? the guard bursts out half laughing “Roy? you must be kidding you know he passed away yesterday from a heart attack?” I was looking squarely in the face of Dan the guard who took over for Roy. I was sure Roy was the one who took over for me. There is not a soul here other than Dan. This is a holiday and everyone is out doing fun stuff when we work. I say to Dan “Never mind me I must be overworked you know how it is?” Dan said “No I don’t know how it is I’m pretty bored here all of the time, easy pay, easy money.” I mentioned to him that I feel the same but I was not getting much sleep and excused myself out the door. I got into my car and drove out of the lot passing the power building that was damaged earlier. I seen no damage. I said to myself “Yeah, old boy your dreaming again.” (to be continued)


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