Dead Battery (Part 3)

Dead Battery (Part 3) Continued

I drove out and the long curve on the path out of the facility had large black paneled trucks positioned as a road block. Now this is interesting I said to myself. As I got closer I seen there was no lettering on the truck as to what company or organization it belonged to. Two men dressed in military uniform came out and approached my vehicle and was armed with an AR-15 each. I was beginning to worry. I waited for them to approach and as soon as the bigger man was in my window I went to ask what was going on. This man interrupted and asked me why I was on the grounds and what is my business here. I laughed and said “I’m a security guard and I work here.” This man looked at me and said “So where is your badge and Id.” I reluctantly gave him my credentials and asked “Who are you and why do you need to know?” The man said to me in response. “Quiet and just do what you are told to and this will go the easy way. I shut up and waited. It seemed like a long wait. They had a scanner like I never seen before and flashed my badge and drivers license over it and said “Okay you are cleared to go, drive around us and stay left till your clear.” I turned around the Truck and found myself staring at a large group of on lockers stacked up behind a road block guarded by men with more guns. I remember being very afraid of the people if they turn into a mob. They might think I have information to this incident they think might have happened. I asked myself right then. “Hey, wasn’t that a dream?” I thought I imagined it all together. I approached the barricade and one of the men who were by the roadblock got a call on his radio then proceeded to motion me through. I went through and the people in the group looked at me curious but did not do anything. Well, I am in the clear and I left as they kept staring at me. I looked back int my rear view mirror and I was thinking I’m glad to be out of there. I looked ahead and glanced back up and I seen the place demolished just for a second. Then normal. I looked up again it was fine. I looked up another time and it was fine. I can’t believe my eyes or I am just tired and over worked.
The work was due and i could not work it s thinking of the event that happened. All I could think about was that incident. The thought of seeing what I did was horrifying.The Work week Was weak.
With nothing to do. We slowly did our work. We found ourselves yawning and being very tired. We read our books. I played with my hand-held Gameboy. I was winning just when the boss walked int the door and Yelled. “You ingraids, You both are panty waste and just sit around and do nothing!” He said. His name was John we just call him “Sarge”.” Well it was boring here and we were so falling asleep..” I started so say when he cut me off saying. “You shitbirds your such a looser!,You have an excuse for everything!” “Yes I do!” I piped up. He looked at Henry and said. “Do you have anything to say new boy!” Henry just looked at me and said “hmmm” that was it. I could tell Sarge was going easy on the new guy. After all he was learning bad habits from me a more experience employee. Sarge was getting angry so he said “Get a bag and give it to me Daniel,Now!” I just then stood up and looked around I could not find a bag anywhere in the room. Just then Sarge says “I can see your keeping inventory around here like you should!” I felt embarrassed and turned red. Sarge said “You all, have to stay off your computer products and keep looking around after all we are security guards.” ” What are you doing reading books and falling asleep and playing hand-held games? We are soldiers of God” “You are are not allowed an ounce of leniency!” Sarge was done riding our asses for the day and turned around and left. I could see that there was nothing to completely feel guilty for. If the shoe was on the other foot and he had to stay in this damn room for 12 hours at a stretch and have almost nothing happen for the whole time watching monitors that seem to never change. Other than a squirrel or a deer munching on the “Sarge’s flowers or carrots in his garden he so adores. Sarge will be outside working on his garden like a farmer. On the other hand what can you do I love the home cooked meals. We just work, and do the greatest work when we are not working. We all have something that we do while working. I doodle on a sketch pad and play my handheld games. Others do what they need to get by. I just write stories and go on a mental tour of the world with my mind. We do the work in the end. What needs to be. A warm body in a chair at our post to make the world go around. The world just works and does spin even though we are lazy, Hell it don’t just stop and say “Damnit stop being so lazy I’ll quit!” I laugh to myself that was funny actually. What we protect here? Just a land fill. There is nothing but garbage and trash here. We protect the most expensive trash the world could ever make. When I walk around into the garage I wonder how anyone could put Gold on the dumbest things. I also wonder why people make things out of Titanium the most expensive and toughest metal out there. To name a few, Watches, Pens, computers, electronic devices. They coat them with 24k gold and full real Gold. The Guards here all thought about taking one and melting it down but we don’t know how to do it and we don’t have the time for all that non sense. WE just protect it. The work we do is being done good enough. When we do our rounds we always see exactly the same thing, nothing is ever moved or changed. This place only had one scare and that was from a co-worker that was trying to scare us. He waited behind a bush and jumped out and yelled and jumped us. haha I guess when I say “Us” I mean mainly me. Well, This guy named Troy he loved to pick on me. He kept it up and it got more mean each time. Writing death threats and a lot of more things. Till one day I faced him yelled at him and got him to stop and he eventually quit and left to another job. Good riddance and guards like that come and go you just have to outlast them. Since I work on the night shift. I always have been a night owl. I never worked on any other shift my whole time Ive been employed with this company.  I have worked in replacement for others at times. We work things out when we have problems.  I don’t call my job work. I call it baby sitting. Baby sitting garbage is a full-time job. I let out a chuckle after saying that. I went down the hall to get a drink at the only coffee machine we have. I wanted to just work and work for the things we need like the luxuries. Life coffee for the sleepy brain at long boring hours of work. I really want to work hard but working hard makes us sleepy. I work and work hard. I guess I am just work too damn hard. I am getting paranoid. Time to go with the flow and just play my Gameboy again and think less about the way this place is. We need to just carry on in the world some days. One day after another. I sat down and let my mind rest.


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