Dead Battery (Part 4)

Dead Battery (Part 4)

We carry on doing what we are doing. Then we just work and work hard at doing nothing. Another day we work. We are walking around doing our evening rounds and nothing happens like usual. We play a board game of monopoly. We had a normal day. I brought something to spice up the day. A 6 pack of beer. “Why not? the boss won’t be here for awhile so lets dance.” I said as I picked out a cold one and gave it to my partner in crime. We talked about the baseball game and had the radio on listening to who is winning. Henry was tired and said  “Might as well get paid to count sheep.” he said. When it was slow at work we took turns sleeping. Henry went to sleep I was up and looking around doing what a guard is supposed to do. I was glancing at the lobby camera and seen a nice deer. I said to Henry just then “Too bad your asleep to see this buddy boy.”  I watched the deer feed off the vegetables that grew in Sarge’s garden. Just then the deer looked at the camera and looked puzzled and I stared into its eyes for a long second. As if it could see me. The deer didn’t move. The deer was wondering and I am thinking. All of a sudden I seen a flash of a picture in my head. A picture of an alien. The alien was looking at me. I looked up and there was aliens standing all around me. I found myself just standing there watching. Just then everything went white and nothing that looked familiar. The whole place was replaced from normal to just white. It was not normal more like a dream. As soon as the deer turned his head and walked off the visions were gone. I had a story in my head and i wanted to know the story. I wanted to know who these people were or are. Or I am just damn over worked. As I recall yesterday I was up on the roof just looking at the weather. Sometimes I just love to look at the clouds. I know I have been overworked and seem to be sluggish and tired and having these things happen where i see things. That happens when you lack sleep you start hallucinating  I guess because lack of sleep. I was watching the clouds then something happened. The clouds changed and turned and began to shape itself into a tornado. I seen it started to touch the ground then I seen it begin to work hard on the ground tearing up the ground. I was walking and up to the side of the building and seen the house being ripped up and carried away in the wind. I panicked and began to turn and run just then the wind was strong and it was just a crazy sensation of fear that came over me. I ran to the stair well down to the 2nd floor maintenance room. I ran down to the lobby and My partner was gone. I went to the tornado shelter and there he was already waiting for me. Awake and just standing there. We waited and what sounded like a train on the tracks and a howling chugging sound was so loud with some occasional banging was going on. Both of us looked at each other and hoped the building wouldn’t fall in on us. Henry was talking about tornados and how powerful they are. Henry talked and it seemed to calm me down and he was good at that.  We waited the storm over. We looked at each other when it was quiet we decided to leave the area. When we went out of the room. We walked out into the open sun where there should be building and ceilings and walls. It is odd that there is sun shining after the tornado just had left. I seen blood on our faces so basically I think we got injured from flying debris. I am glad we are safe. So we just walked around looking at the damage. Damage that was quite extensive. The roof was tore off the whole building we found in tact down the road laying on the blacktop. I reached over and turned on my Gameboy and thought well one thing works in this place still. I’m glad I need my games to get me by. I like to gamble even if it is just pretend money.  Well we can’t do much for working in this building and with our security cameras and computer shot we need to actually do more physical rounds. We need to cover the grounds so much for my sleep. Looks like we are out of the easy way of life and into the working way of life again. Well what do you think? We walk around and the tornado zone was a maintenance closet and a janitor closet and the lounge. Now will become our command post. We moved everything in there and tried to get everything back to working condition. In the break room there was power. We could never figured out why maybe it was fixed with a second source of power under ground. We set up some kind of makeshift workplace. We sat down and I said to Henry “Im’ tired old boy i’m going to sleep while you are awake now.” Just as I felt like I nodded off I had that dream of the aliens again. it went something like this. Well, You know the white. Everywhere is the white. There is an operating table and there are alien looking guys on there. They are operating on one of them a smaller one. They looked sad. Looked like a gun shot wound on the chest of the small alien. They are frantically working and one of them looks at me. Motions for me to get closer. I get closer as if I was floating not walking. I put my finger out and blood comes out and turns an orange. You know more like water in space. Not a stream or anything you would see bleeding. It was small bubbles of blood and going to the wound. When it gets to his wound it turned orange. I was seeing this Small Alien become more healthy and more energy and the wound close slowly. When the small alien was healed they all sat there with their heads down saying something in a funny language. I noticed the small one was looking at me. His eyes blinked. They all turned to me and I blinked 3 times. Everything went black. I felt a falling feeling and jus then I felt as if I were back on earth.
I woke up and found myself in a chair. I looked then realized. Im back in lobby area and nothing happened. There is no damage to the building and we are not in our makeshift command center. it was like nothing even happened. I’m just weirded out!


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