Dead Battery (Part 5)

Dead Battery (Part 5)

The Work week Was weak.
With nothing to do. We slowly did our work. We found ourselves yawning and being very tired. We read our books. I played with my hand-held Gameboy. I was winning just when the boss walked int the door and Yelled. “You Shitbirds!”, You both are panty waste and just sit around and do nothing!” He said. His name was John we just call him “Sarge”.” Well it was boring here and we were so falling asleep..” I started so say when he cut me off saying. “You get back to work and look alert!” As I look around not knowing what happened I got this sinking feeling like Im being watched. The feeling that you are being watched from a serial killer or something. Aw never mind Dan your imagination is getting the best of you. Life is just a crazy loop of images on your mind and just happens to be that you dreamt one of them dreams again. You know them dreams? Right? huh? The ones that are so real that you feel like pinching yourself to see if your sleeping or awake! Oh my God! that is so me today. Well back to work. Its the work week and there will be inspection today. I want to be prepared. I think I got enough sleep. A kind of restless sleep but not great sleep. Sound sleep would have been better than them spooky dreams. Starting in the morning we did inspection and made sure our books were in order and we organized a 2 man team me and Henry to do a sweep of the area and made sure building is nice and sound. Everything is in order and looks great. I even picked up the cigar butts that Sarge would leave by the smokers cone. I thought I would be extra tidy. Well I looked out into the yard and seen the precious garbage we guard it looked as normal. Everything is ready for inspection.

Half way through the day I found myself yawning and being very tired. We read our books. Twiddled our thumbs and it came around to 5pm or 1700 to be technical. We did not get our visitors. Just as I said “Well Henry we did not even see them visitors. I guess there will be no inspection.” Just as I said that a door opens and in storms the visitors I was beside myself. “Well, Ummm hello I am officer Daniel this is officer Henry we are pleased to meet you.” The visitor wanted to speak to Henry. “Why are you talking in behalf of officer Henry O’Neil?” “Henry take a walk in with us” the older gentleman says with an extra stern voice. Henry go with two men who take him into our what was newly Command Center after the supposed Tornado and now back to a break room. Hmmm my brain is spinning here. Well, back to the dreaded monitors. I’m looking at the monitors and just sitting here being bored. Fighting the need to pull out the Gameboy and I just give in the urge and pull out the machine and start my favorite game. Just then I hear “Hey slacker put that down!” I don’t know how he did it but Sarge is standing right there and looking at me with a stern face like he is going to do something I don’t like. “How did you get in the door sir?, I did not even hear you.” “That is what you get when your playing your game you do not know how much noise that thing makes! A tornado could come down on you and you would not know anything! You are a Shitbird and not worth my time!” said Sarge. After awhile you get used to his garage of shitty mean talk. You just tune it out. To be an outright ass I said back “Yeah”. Short and sweet but its like “whatever” in other words. I stared at the monitor and put the Gameboy away and out came Henry and the two men. Henry was looking down and would not make eye contact and was very stoic. We were standing there and one of the two inspection officers barked to me.” Can you follow me sir right now?” I walked with the two men to the Garbage area in the yard. The two men are inside with their flashlights looking.” Its dark maybe we should come back in the day time.” I said. Just then the lights came on and Henry said “Lights work now how about that?”” My thoughts exactly Henry.” I said in return. “Now cut this shit out I know you stole these items.” Lead inspector said forcefully.
Henry and I stood there and looked at each other. The lead inspector says “Don’t you make us do this” and he reached for a utility belt possibly for his pepper spray or stun gun! Just then he threatens to stun me and leave me on the floor taxed and covered in my own drool if I don’t speak up and admit I told the items. “I don’t know what items you are talking about!” I blurted out. I turned scared and he gave me a long start. He went for the utility belt and made a flinch and I jumped 3 feet. Then he just went for the belt buckle. I got created out and took off his belt and came up to me and said “You get this Mister!” Suddenly he just dropped his wars and did a dance his partner was stripping too and did a dance. They started singing in unison. “We got you, we got you, we really got you, I hope you like our act, hope you hire us  back.” The two men in mankind doing male version of the Twerking was making me queasy. I was like what? Oh my God! now this is crazy! I was relieved and shocked at the same time. Henry said “Well you say there e is never any action around here so I hired some for you old man.” Just then I wondered if Henry was gay or thought I was or was just messing around. “The male twerking in a mankini really got me there, I wont ever forget that Henry burned in my mind forever.” Henry looked at me and laughed.


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