Dead Battery (Part 6)

Dead Battery (Part 6)

Well back to work another fine day at work. I am looking at the monitors and said to Henry “Hey that mankind was something don’t you agree?” Henry looked at me stiff and rigid and expressionless. “Really? that was some stunt hiring them I didn’t see that coming.” I said as Henry just kept looking at me silent and expressionless. “You should not be so gullible.” Henry said in an expressionless tone. Robotic voice maybe. I thought that was funny so I laughed. “Henry, what has come over you?” Henry was looking at me and I was looking at him and seen for a second. A flash. Something I thought was my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Henry. “Hey you see that? My eyes are messed up.” I said. Henry says “ No there is nothing wrong with your eyes.” Then in flash of the blink of an eye he had alien eyes. This was not going away no matter how many times I blinked or wiped my eyes or pinch my skin. No matter what Henry was an alien. “oh, I get it contacts.” I got closer and Henry said “No they are real.” I asked him to walk outside and do a patrol on foot with me. We walked out but he stayed in the doorway. He said he does not go out in the day. “What a Vampire now and an alien?” I said cocky and funny. I went on the foot patrol alone. I notice it was vey hot out for June and I was sweating. It feels very not natural for this to be so hot more like we are in an oven. I looked up and seen a bright light as if the sun was shining down on me. This blinding light was present everywhere I went as it was following me. I walked in the back door to the building and the light dimmed and my eyes adjusted and I looked out and it was normal. The place was normal again. I must be dreaming or something is wrong, but what is it?


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