Dead Battery (part 7)

This day is not the day where we walk around and look at things. This day is the day where we need to work. So I’m working the late shift. I am making my food and something is wrong. I know there is something wrong. Something different. I look around and no one is here. I’m all alone. I feel that I”m in a different state of mind. Things have shifted like this place is actually inside my mind and not the world I live in every day. It’s like a woke to a new life. A new purpose. I feel driven by something. I don’t know why but I must go outside. I walk outside. Then I see the sky turn dark. “Oh what an end to a good day.” I said sarcastically. The sky turned to storming in a flash. A funnel cloud and lightning form from the center of the storm. A big lighted orb comes out and zips around. “Oh shit! What is that?” I say with a sense of fear in my voice.

Behind the light orb came a Giant shaped object floating in the sky. It was shaped like a spear. It hovered awhile then decided to lower. When it lowered it was falling down at a rapid decent. It stopped just before the ground and landed softly. Out came a ramp. “If this is an alien ship how cliche is this?” I said laughing. Just then I start looking and thinking these creatures coming out look odd. They are definitely not anything I have seen before. They are Yellow skinned. They are like us but different proportions in the arms and legs. More stocky and built like body builders.
Then three people come out of the group of 10 and walk to me speaking a language I never heard before. They scan me and look at me up and down. They talk to each other. I got bored I think they are peaceful aliens. “If this is a dream well this is boring.” Thinking to myself as one takes my arm. “Hey there what are we doing?” I said in a panicked tone. They escort me to the ramp and I appear to be boarding their ship. “Well I never seen the inside of alien technology.” I thought. I was brought to a room. This alien looked more like me. He almost looked human. He was standing there and said. “Hello Daniel.” I was shocked “You know English?” “Yes we do and we have to know all languages of the universes in the United universe.” Said the alien. “Well, what is your name?” I said if I were to address this creature properly. “My name is Roy, you can call me this name since one of your human friends was named this also.” – To Be Continued.


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