Dead Battery (Part 8)

It was a hot day and the sun was glaring. I was looking at the blue sky and seeing the cloudless blue. Just then a yell came ringing out.”Daniel! What are you doing?” I said admiring the view.” “Sir, You didn’t say Sir.” The voice reported. I felt stupid I didn’t look hard enough at who was talking. Was I talking to myself? I looked puzzled. Just then a person changed right in front of my eyes to an Alien form. “Calm, Do not be afraid I am Ragaar, You address me as Sir from now on got that Daniel?” “Yes Alien sir.” I said back in quick response. “What the hell did I just see, is this real?” I thought to myself. “We are off to a weapons drill, are you ready?” Ragaar ordered. I replied quickly and with a loud commanding voice.”Yes sir.” I said and thought “Why?”.  Ragaar lead the way and we went out to the open field behind our building I used to guard. There were things, and weapons set up that I never seen before. “Daniel have you ever seen this stuff before?” Ragaar asked sternly. “No, but I have seen a lot of tv.” I said panicking. “Oh this is going to be great ready to have some fun!” Ragaar said Commandingly. I was amazed at how he felt so confident of something I supposedly do know but I am sure I cant do weapons. “HM… this is interesting.” I said as Ragaar and I walk up to a table filled with assault riffles and grenades and some electric devices strange in design. Ragaar began to raise his voice loud almost in my ear! “FORGET what you have been told up to now in your whole life. Forget who you are and your life here. You are about to go on a journey that will take you off world! You need to know you might never come back. This is an order!” Ragaar could see the shock on my face. “Why me?” I said panicking. Ragaar said calmly “Because you are the one, you have been picked.” It made me think. Just when he got that out of his mouth he yelled “To the back of the line now soldier!” Just then there was 30 aliens behind me. I thought what am I doing here?. Why am I wish aliens and why cant they do their work for themselves. Standing in the back of the line I seen male aliens doing fighting drills, hand to hand and shooting weapons and deploying bombs. I also seen female of the race doing spy related activities, covert, and skilled in Linguistics. I could figure out what they were doing sort of. Ragaar decided to step things up, and told me to gain access to the front firing line by getting through the two alien men defending it and shoot the targets before time is up. I looked at him like he was nuts. So he said “Now, Go” I ran up to the men Just to be knocked back from his blow right in my chest. I fell right to the ground and could not breathe. I failed my first attempt.
Ragaar bellowed in my ear “You lazy weak pile of dung! Get up you have to be stronger than that! When you fall down you must get up and try again! Now soldier!” “Yes sir.”I said straight away as I got right back up, caught my breathe then I went to do the same thing, I seen the first male alien lunge and I did a turn and dodged just to go into the second one he grabbed me and gave me a squeeze tighter than I ever thought. “Oh bear hug that isn’t too bad, I cant breathe but bring it on.” I fell to the ground and grabbed my chest. Ragaar was on top of me screaming in my ear. “You really don’t know what you are doing do you?” You need to be taught you weak human! Ragaar was laughing at me in this long loud alien deep resonating bellowing that pierced my ears. I sat out for a short spell on a bench to recover. They are big and strong and I am 160 pounds dripping wet. I started to loose confidence. I began to think I was not the one they chose because I was good, just a good expendable asset to use in the plans they have which I have no clue yet of what that is. Ragaar sensed my doubt and came over and stood over me and stared. “I see a soldier in you, your green now but give it a minute. You will accomplish greatness! All you have to do is try. Trying is 98% of winning. Just never give up on yourself and others in the battle.” “Now that you rested a bit we are going to do this again!” Ragaar commanded. “Yes sir.” I said in return. -To BE CONTINUED.


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