Dead Battery (Part 11)

When I was dreaming I dreamt of an alien ship. Not the one we are on. A different one. I gathered from the feeling I got they were not friendly. They seen me and I died from being shot over and over. I woke up and Simoah walked up to me and said. The time has come. You are to prepare for your next phase of training. We walked down to a room. We walk in and we see aliens fighting. Looking like Ninja warriors all dressed in black. Simoah comes up to me and says you will be doing this. We take another door and there is aliens practicing in the water swimming and water fighting. Underwater fighting. A deadly skill. I looked in horror and Simoah put his hand on my shoulder and I felt calm. First Simoah took me to the water. He had a gear for me to wear. I dressed and I wanted to get started training. Simoah took me to the shallow end and kept his hand on my shoulder. I felt calm. He brought me out to the deep end and then finally went under. We practiced fighting. I copied the moves he did. When I got scared I felt his hand on my shoulder I felt calm even under the water in lack of oxygen. I learned my body could do way more than my mind could ever think. I was being conditioned to accomplish more than I ever could dream. After we did skills in firearms, hand to hand combat. I was being taught the ropes. The extra strength and sight made me see in the dark like animals do and have lightning reflexes. I felt strong and I now have skills. Simoah told me. “Now Daniel you will forget everything when I say a word. “Watupzuteck” Simoah said very loudly. I passed out. As I phase into the present time I wake up and I said out loud “I remember”, as I lay in the cot. Ragaar said. “Great you remember your training. Simoah was my friend I was the other man there when you went up to the ship with Simoah. You see, I know you very well.” Now get some rest you will need it tomorrow. -TO BE CONTINUED


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