Dead Battery (Part 12)

When I woke up Ragaar was beside me. I woke up with excitement for our day to start. We got in a car and drove to the local military base. Ragaar drove up to the MP and told the person there that he has business there. He is to meet Captain Rogers. I noticed how calm he was about it. the MP said “Who is Captain Rogers?, You cannot go in I do not know who that is, let me call my Commander in charge. We waited calmly and when the MP came back he was stern. “Sir you need to leave there is no Captain Rogers here.” I looked at Ragaar and I said. “Well we better go.” Ragaar extended a hand and said “Well thank you find sir, May I shake your hand?” The MP look at him in the eyes and said. “I said….” then he extended his hand to shake Ragaars hand. Ragaar said calmly and slowly. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The two men stared into each others eyes for couple of minutes. The MP promptly let us in. We drove in. I said to Ragaar. “You really have a way with people don’t you?” Ragaar replies smoothly with style. “Its not a gift its a skill and you will learn it also. I looked at him like he was crazy. As we walk up to this heavily guarded building. My knees started to shake. Ragaar put his hands on my shoulder and I was calm once again. We go in and talk to the woman at the desk front office. Ragaar asked for Captain Rogers. She said “Who?” Ragaar reached and took her hand softly and said. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The lady got straight up and walked fast down the row of cubicles. We had a hard time keeping up to her she was going so fast. How could this woman walk so fast I was wondering? She took ahold of the thermostat on the wall and pulled it down. A wall slid away to expose a door. The door had a name on it. “CAPTAIN ROGERS”. We walked through and she shut the door behind us and went back to her duties.
A man walks up to us and introduces himself. “Hello, I am CAPTAIN ROGERS.” Raggar says “This is the one, Daniel is his hame.” “Soon you will be called 6.” CAPTAIN ROGERS exclaims. We walk down these long stairs, all our electronic items are taken from us. Cell phone, iPods, and all metallic objects. We came to a room. Dark and had rooms connected and microphones set up. “What is this?”
CAPTAIN ROGERS said “You will find out soon enough.”
-To Be Continued


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