Dead Battery (part 13)

We went to a room that is just empty. I was asked to change into a dark clothing and shoes that had a split in between the toes. Strange uniform. I was put in a room to wait for further instructions. All of a sudden all lights go out and its darker than anything I ever experienced. I could not see anything. A loud noise came from the ceiling blaring so loud I had to hold my ears. A voice rang out “Now find your way out and remember we can hear you. Be silent enough for us to not know where you are.”
I started to walk through and bumped the table, I made a bump noise. “Warning one” Rang out from the ceiling. I started to remember the way we came in. Map in my mind and the paces of steps. I got up and stood up and retraced my steps. I heard a crunch. “What Glass?” “Warning two” Rang out from the ceiling once again. I know now that they put obstacles. I put my hand out to feel my surroundings and curved my feet stepping one to another in a gingerly manner. Just then I stepped on tacks, I did not put all my weight down I lifted my foot and felt my way over the spot where the tacks where. I got to the end. I went to reach the door. I felt for the knob and I pulled. Boom! Flash of light went off and I was blind. Just then I opened my eyes. “Third warning” rang out from the ceiling once again. Once I could see the lights came on. Raggar pointed to the door. I looked at the door and seen another. I was at the wrong door. “Who would put two doors beside one another?” Ragaar replies “Do not use your mind with logic only, you will learn that things are not all that logical.” I looked up to Ragaar and nodded. CAPTAIN ROGERS reports to me. “Daniel, or 6 Your skills are good, your primal instinct is very strong, but you need much more work.” I went through trials of camouflage and covert movement for weeks. I was working so hard at something that seemed so pointless. At the end of the last trial course. I had to be spotted and use my smarts to talk the MP to let me through. I get through the first MP by timing his movements. I get past the second MP by throwing something to distract him away. I get past the third MP by fighting him and leaving him knocked out put away in a locker. I get past the 4th MP by turning off the lights and using my night eyes to dart past him. I get past the 5th MP by crawling on the ceiling and over him while he watches his tv. I get to the last MP. There is no way around other than a door he is directly in front of. I walk up to him. “Hello, How are you doing today?” I say. The MP says “State your business here.” “ I am to see CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The MP says,”There is no captain rogers here sir you have no clearance you must leave!” I put my hand on his shoulder and say “You must remember CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The mp turns around promptly and opens the door. “This way 6” I get access. CAPTAIN ROGERS is standing there. You passed Number 6. -TO BE CONTINUED


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