Dead Battery (Part 9)

I ran up stood in front of the two men again. The lead male alien spread his mouth open like wings with fangs on the ends. Freaky shit but I have to get through this. I gave him an intense stare. I ran up and got knocked back off my balance. I stuttered back and regained my flow of this. I sprang and dodged in another direction. Missing a claw from this strong male aliens hand. I seen the second try to football tackle me around the legs. I quickly jumped and made it over the second male alien. The second I landed I sprinted straight to the bench where the guns were. I quickly put a magazine in the chamber and cocked the gun. “Oh crap they are not giving up.” I said and ran up to the first defender and knocked him down with a gun butt to the chin. The second was ready for me and strong he picked me up and threw me I hit the ground rolled and had my gun in my hand. I ran up to him and did a take down maneuver with some speed and using my weight I pulled him down. I got up and ran through the obstacles of barb wire and logs propped over them in pits. I looked instantly I seen a wall, without hesitation going up and over with gun on my back. I ran to the table quickly pulled the gun over to shooting stance and shot all targets on perfect spot. I was amazed at even myself. I didn’t even know how I did that. Why could an average security guard know these things? “You were slow Daniel!” Ragaar bellowed. You need to train harder.” Ragaar screamed in my ear.
I said “Yes sir.” That week we trained very hard. The week was long. Throwing grenades and learning explosives. It was a long week. I was working on timed drills. Getting to know the gun parts and tear down and rebuild in record time. After a week I had my skills honed and I was not sure why I still knew these skills and how fast I learned them moves. Ragaar sat me down and gave me some water. “Daniel I want you fit and I want to be sure you are the man for the job.” “Life for you will get harder that is if we come out of this alive!” I made a gulp swallow and thought what? “What could be so bad?” I said in return. ”Daniel You have a purpose to fulfill just remember you are a leatherneck, Simper Fi Soldier.” “Yes Sir” Ragaar started to tell me why we are here. “We are at war, our galaxy there is a fight going on right now in the galaxy. Past that star.” Ragaar pointed to the milky way and a specific star in group by the edge. I looked up and said “That dot, it looks like a speck up there?” “Oh no that is my home!” Ragaar returned quickly. “Soon you will be up there fighting for the galaxy and our home.” I said “No way!” Raggar gave me a look as he said nothing. “Let me tell you something Daniel.” I nodded without saying anything. You know you were a soldier. You were trained since you were young. Our people met with your parents and told them to let us take you in and teach you military life. You already know these drills. Your member was erased at command. When we seen that there was a threat of war we decided to make teams of soldiers off planet of our home. We need advantage to our enemy and Humans were perfect for it. You will remember once you hear me say the magic word. Are you ready Daniel? I nodded and thought he’s nuts. “Watupzuteck” yelled Ragaar. memories flashed back in my mind. Ragaar told me to go back to the barracks and rest and remember. -TO BE CONTINUED


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