Dead Battery (Part 10)

As I lay awake in bed I remember when I was 8. I was laying in my children’s single bed. I said to myself that I wanted something new. I was bored with this small town I lived in. Even at such an early age I was bored and sick with the town. I knew that this place had nothing. As I lay in bed I heard a commotion and dogs and animals began to make noises. In the dark of night all of a sudden there was a light 10 times brighter than the sun. My parents woke up and they both stood outside. 3 men in suits with glasses on approached them. I could see this from my bedroom window. They seemed to be talking. My dad said “Yes I will get him.” I heard my fathers footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked at me emotionless. He said “You need to go with our new friends.” I got scared. My dad looked like a zombie and acted strange. I mean who would give away their son? I kicked and screamed. I would not go but my father was very strong. He kept pulling me down the stairs as I grabbed for each railing. My dad gave me over to the man in black. He called himself Simoah. When he spoke to me he said. “Come with us young Daniel I have much to teach you.” I was standing there and in a bright flash there was a room. We were standing in a room. I said “How”. Simoah said “You will find out in time what you are here for, right now you need to go to the Doctors. We walked down a corridor. A corridor filled with lights. The lights are bright but not painful to the eyes. We get to a big lab. I am led to a chair with strange equipment attached to it. It got me worried when I seen a hole in the chair and a device that goes into the anal. I turned to Simoah and said. “I’m scared.” He talked to me and calmed me down. Something strange in his voice, a calming effect that made me feel obligated to do this. I stripped off my Superman Pj’s and I was cold but not too cold. I started to shiver. Simoah put his hand, more like a claw on my shoulder and the cold went away. I sat up on the chair and I could feel those devices all over my body. It was 10 minutes later they said I had impurities and disease in my body. A female voice said. “I am starting phase one.” I said “What is that?” Simoah said in response “We are taking out any illness you will ever have in your whole life,We are replacing your genetics to make you stronger.” “I will be like Superman?” I said excitingly. “Something like that.” Simoah said laughing. I never heard an alien laugh but I found it quite relaxing. After the tests were done I stood up and found I felt stronger. More alert and my eyes sight impeccable. I was like new. I looked around with my new eyes. I was given a mirror. I was shaven and I had a tattoo on my head. A number, number 6. I asked what is that? “Its who you are now Daniel.” Simoah brought me to a sleeping room with a small bed that looks like a cot that hung down from the wall. I was tired and did not care where I slept it could be on a bed of nails I was so tired all of a sudden. I dazed off and all my thoughts went all over the place. -TO BE CONTINUED


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