Dead Battery (part 14)

I feel glad that I passed espionage session of the training. That was hard. I guess because it took so much patience.
One of the things that you learn is to be covert. Get in and out quickly and not be seen. I never knew how good of skill that is till I did it myself. I feel a sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that I can do something great. Let’s see what happens today.
When I went to class I seen Ragaar was there with a new person. He stood there holding a toy that looked like a bomb. I sat down and listened while the class was playfully jabbering away. “Listen up people! My name is Stan Stone and I’m your instructor this evening!”
See this in my hands? One cadet in his seat said “It looks like a toy.” We all laughed. Stan got miffed. “No it is the bomb we dropped in Japan years ago called “Fat man”. We are here to teach you how to split atoms. We are going to use this weapon only at last resort. One of the first things we will say about the bomb is that there is no bomb. No one will speak of any of this outside this room.” I started to think that they are serious here. “First thing we are to talk about is how to arm this bomb.” Stone said. I gulped hard when I thought of an atomic bomb and me having to arm it. The thought of this makes me nervous. No not nervous more like petrified. Stan Stone continues talking. “Once you are at the location the bomb location You are to twist the disk on the end of the bomb by the fin here and pull out the central core. Then pull the pin. Twist the disk back and lock the Platonium in the bomb. The bomb will be live. You knock the wrong thing in the process you can kiss your ass goodbye.” I was thinking the same thing. Stone continues. “You are to deploy the bomb and transport it on a vessel to a specific target. This will be determined when the situation arises. Could be dropped, Flown, Radio Controlled. If you need to you can throw it.” Stone said with a grin. I thought I was Superman there and how could I throw a 10 ton bomb! Hahaha.
Stone continues. “The thing you don’t need is for your enemy to know you have a bomb. Try to act normal and do normal flying and act in a normal behavior. It is important that they do not suspect anything.” “Yeah no shit Sherlock.” I thought to myself. “Lastly when you are the one chosen to be with the bomb and to place and detonate the bomb you are the eyes and ears of the crew.”
You will have to make adjustments in battle and figure out where and how to make the best advantages of any given situation. If all hell breaks loose You will have to take the wheel and do what you can what you feel is best for the goal to be achieved. -TO BE CONTINUED


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