Dead Battery (part 15)

Our next class was in Quantum Mechanics. I wasn’t into this. I might have to do tons of math. Im’ not good at math. I don’t get what we are going to do with Quantum anything. So I went to class with a specific apprehension. Ragaar was there. I sat in class and Ragaar was the instructor. There was a band that goes on the arm. Ragaar was showing it to people. “This is what you are going to use when you go into battle. This will alter time.” I said “How” out loud to myself.” Ragaar quickly responded. “By the use of your mind, this bracelet knows what you are thinking and wanting it to do.” I looked puzzled and didn’t know what that was about but I better not say anything more. “This can rewind time for you only, leave everyone else unaffected. This can go backward and forward in time. It can act as a time warp. “Now listen to me.” Ragaar said. Then he said that again. Then he said it again. I thought yeah so? Ragaar then said. “Daniel do you know what I just did?” “Yes i do Ragaar you repeated yourself 3 times.” “Anything else are you aware of?” Ragaar asked with a sly expression. I looked all around the room. Nothing is different. “What am I looking for?” Ragaar excitingly orders me. “Look in your billfold you will see a note, and read it out loud.” ” I wrote a note for every person in the class and put it all in your billfolds. None of you knew or are aware of this. Before you look, wait till the end of class. There is orders just for each of you alone to understand. Read when you can.” I read that paper wondering how that happened. “Wow and I didn’t even feel it go in my pocket.” I said laughing. Ragaar then looks art me and says. “This is a real tool you can use to your advantage, You see you are caught in a space time bubble. When I activate this device. Time is looped. The most elaborate cover up in the history of the galaxy. Is when I myself was responsible for erasing all evidence from the United States Government during the Roswell Incident. Gentleman are you ready for this?” We are going to warp through time and find evil and stamp it out of the galaxy.” Ragaar said with vigor. I thought he was talking about Dr Who. No way this could work. I still have my doubts. I cant wait to see if this is true at all. “Ragaar what a joker.” I said out loud. “No this is actually reality and this is no joke if you were about to die just rewind time.” With this figured out we all look at each other with disbelief. Ragaar went on to tell us about a time where he had to use this device. “I was in a war with the Mingreles in the galaxy of Zumin. We were getting heavy fire on our ship. Our engines ran out of fuel. We took heavy fire and our generator room was totally blown apart in heavy phaser strikes. Our ship was just a floating vessel in space. No power to anything that could be of use. I decided to put the time band on my arm and put on a suite. I used what air was in an extra suit to launch myself at the enemy ship.

I was heading approaching the bottom of the ship where I needed to plant an atom bomb. I looked to my left and seen debris from my ship heading for me. I had to shoot that last of my air in the jets in the feet to doge the speeding wrecking ball coming for me. I looked at the debris I seen it wasn’t just space junk it was our commander strapped to his chair. Frozen and face shrunken in. It was a horrible sight to see. I pushed on and got to the underside and planted the device. I armed it and felt myself blacking out with no air. Just before the explosion and my dying of lack of oxegen. I pictured in my mind the spot in time I wanted to go back to. Instantly me and my surroundings were back in time. I was safe. The enemy ship still destroyed. The space time warp bubble only works for you and the ones caught in it. Everything else stays the same.” Ragaar then says in a sullen manner while looking to the ground. “We lost thousands of people we worked with every day. These people were friends and loved ones, family and great skilled men and women with lives that matter. We don’t want destruction but we will defend our peace in anyway possible.” I looked down and felt humbled. I looked around and all cadets shared a quiet moment of reflection. -TO BE CONTINUED


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