Dead Battery (part 16)

“You might have to make a sacrifice people.” Ragaar said in a sullen mood. We never train our cadets to go out and sacrifice themselves. If needed to happen it would be for the greater good. “A self sacrifice sometimes is a needed evil.” Says Ragaar in patriotic enthusiasm. “With this war in our galaxy our homes and planets will be gone.” “The enemy outnumber us and is stronger in many ways.” Ragaar warned us about the strength of the foe we are about to face. I grew more and more apprehensive that I could be of any help in this on going war. I mean a war with aliens and all! Even with my advanced genetics and training I am a human being against the alien nations. A bit of self doubt comes over me when I sit and think about the enemy and how strong they are and the weapons they use. I am human after all. Being human means I cannot fight as long as them. I am not as strong as them. I have to overcome and conquer against all odds. “Ragaar, can you help a human achieve super human strength?” I cried out in a moment of lack of self confidence. “Daniel, You never can know what to do in battle. All you can do is react and try the hardest you can to defeat your strongest enemy.” I thought about the next stage of this training. When I go forward there is no second chance to do the right thing. Also there is no way to go back to a safe home. I ready my mind to deal with possible failure and possible success. Raggar offered me some good advice and a story. “When I was a young soldier I had to go through a right of passage ritual to become the warrior I am. It started when I was done with my training. I was expected to fight. My friend I grew up with was picked as my opponent. I knew this fellow person that I will have to fight. In this fight it was not a normal fight ritual. We had to fight to the death. The fight started out with hand to hand combat. I got the beating of my life. The next stage was wood instruments I got a blow in that evened the fight. I was scared because my foe was stronger and quicker than me. When it got to the last stage. Bladed weapons I had a fear that was slicing through my heart making it hard to breathe. We stood with blades touching on our swords. I took a deep breathe and when the signal to fight rang out. I opened my eyes a blade was comping for my head. I ducked and bobbed and weaved out of 4 attacks. My foe was hitting air. I took a swing and hit my foe across the chest he stumbled back and bleeding. Blood was spilt and I could taste it as it splashed into my mouth. Iron taste and sulfur. I felt a hesitation of taking a good swing to end my enemies life. When it was time to draw the sword to his neck after I beat him. I hesitated and asked to show mercy. I was deemed not worthy of living with the community in my failure to kill. My enemy was my friend
Simoah. I gained a friend and I lost my place in society. Daniel, you will know what to do when you actually are there. I knew what to do to win the things that last forever. You will make up your mind what is best for you and everyone else around you.” -TO BE CONTINUED


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