Dead Battery (part 18)

A loud roar and the room shook the walls. The all looked at one another. I was woken up very quickly from a deep sleep. I ran from the medic station. Now hovering over our base is the enemy ship. Ragaar gets enraged and jumps in a jeep and drives directly under the ship. “What are you doing here? We will end you. Take me up so I can see you face to face!” Ragaar screamed as loud as he could. Just then Ragaar starts floating and gets pulled up to the ship. Meanwhile. I was shocked. What is he doing now? I started to wonder what I am going to do? I go to my room and think. “Well he started something already. Now its time to act.” Meanwhile Ragaar is aboard the ship. Ragaar takes stances with his favorite dagger in hand. Four soldiers greet him. They talk just for a bit. There was no Hello but it went straight into action. Ragaar dodged an attack from a long staff. Ragaar takes the staff away from his foe easily and swings around to counter an attack from behind. Ragaar downs everyone in the room. Now just barely started Ragaar pulls up a map on the terminal. “I need to find the maintenance tunnels.” He whispers to himself. Walking down the hallway Ragaar see’s a maintenance worker and pulls him off to the side and knocks him out. Ragaar fitted with his new uniform and access card. He takes to the tunnels. Walking to the center of the ship. Opening a door Ragaar finds that the maintenance tunnels lead him to the engine of the ship. The direct center of the ship. Must be 50 people in this room doing some sort of duties. Each one doing a job they alone need to do to keep the engine running. Ragaar pulls out a box and attaches it to the side panel of the power generator. He puts it up and sets up a timer. Ragaar nervously looks around. “Now all I need to do is flip the sw….” Ragaar whispers. Just then he feels a claw to the back of his neck. He gets lifted up and thrown against the wall. The enemy finds the bomb and takes it off. After a brief struggle Ragaar is captured. Escorted to a holding cell made of laser beam bars. “Who are you? Why are you trying to blow us up? How many of you are there?” The enemy shouted. The common inane questions a person could ask. Ragaar would not talk or even make a noise. “My name is Talak the leader of the resistance. If you are not going to talk you are going down to the garbage hold.”
Ragaar would not make a sound for hours. He was moved to the garbage hold. Meanwhile I am still in my barracks thinking of what not to do. I already know what to do. “Oh here it goes, the game is on!” I shouted and I rose up and started to run. Running all the way to the hangar I jumped into a plane. A small propeller job will due. I acquainted myself with the controls and started the engine. I started to accelerate to the closed doors. A panicked hangar employee quickly ran to the doors to let me out. When they opened I seen the coast was clear. I flew straight out and pulled up hard on the stick. I took a look up at the ship and gasped. A hard gasp. That is a huge sight. All the century ships running around flying around. How can i get this through the defenses? I decided “Do or die” I pushed the throttle hard and plunged straight into the belly of the ship. On the way some small guard ships seen my path. They cut me off with gun fire and phasers. I spiraled and dodged the attacks. I landed on a ship port side. I went to get out and plant a bomb. I got stuck on some metal object. I had to get out of the plane and do this by hand. 

Just then I am knocked to the ground with a blow. Talak found me. I didn’t know that he was so fast. “Looking for this!” Talak was holding the bomb that Ragaar had. I am alone and outnumbered 3 to one. All I have is my wits with me. The first of the 3 warriors lunges at me and I run and slide, though I slid too far I barely grabbed on to the side of the ship. The foe slid off and fell. Two left. Then the next second I was knocked down and pinned. The foe had a blade to the back of my neck. “I got this right now, Die human!” Talak took him off me in a one armed sweep. Threw him overboard. “I will kill you myself, It will give me so much pleasure!” Talak screams in my ear till I go deaf. Talak pushed me up to the edge. Threatens to drop me off. I am afraid. Talak loves to see fear in his enemy. He pulls me away and throws me across the distance of the hangar sliding on my back I hit a wall. “OOOFFFF” I let out a loud noise I hit the wall so hard that every part of me hurts. Blood coming from my mouth and nose and eyes. I think I’m badly hurt. I pick myself off the floor barely. Talak starts running my way. Long strides from his muscular frame. He runs at me I move in the nick of time. He hits the wall. “He’s not fast just strong.” I said to myself. Talak takes another run toward my way. I run and pose and just then i see a propeller still spinning on my aircraft. Talak is running faster and fast. I quickly duck and roll to the right. Talak cannot stop his feet sliding on the smooth surface. Then a boom! Parts flying everywhere. 

I look over and its a messy scene. I waste no time and I get into the plane. I fly down to where I know the center of the ship is. I fly in an hangar that is open. I go up and hit a button. What comes out is garbage! Tons of it!.

I was like…”Shit this cant be the right door!” “Wow wrong place dude, but the right place to find me!” Ragaar yelled.

We are united and I have the bomb! “Let’s go destroy this ship!” Ragaar yelled. I said “Umm Sure, Yah.” -TO BE CONTINUED


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