Dead Battery (part 17)

I know Ragaar is set on killing the enemy with total destruction. I was thinking about the outcome of such a weapon. Good people and bad all at once. I for one do not just want to kill so many people and aliens. I shake my head thinking aliens? I’m actually saying this lol. I get an inspiration to talk to Ragaar. I walk the long road to get to the office where I know he is working. I get into there and see a guard at the post. He says I cannot have access. I tell them I wish to see Ragaar. The guard calls in on a device that looks like a Star Trek communicator. I laugh to myself. the guard looks at me with a quick eye. I stop as soon as I knew he was staring. “Ragaar will be out soon.” he said with a smug attitude. I was waiting and was watching the sky. Planes of all kinds flying over head. One of them had an American star under its wing. When I stood there I had a feeling that overcame me that I might be wasting my time but I have to try to give it a shot. Just when I thought about leaving and getting out of the place. I said why not just work heavy on this sales pitch. Peace talk. Just then Ragaar came through the doors. “Hello Ragaar Sir.” I said straight away. Ragaar nodded. Not even a word. He stood stoically. I wanted to work past the reason I was here and I said. “Well I called for you to ask you to help me with something.” I said then without waiting for his response which I thought he wouldn’t say anything anyways. “I thought about this very hard. I think Peace talks are best and the enemy might see our point of view if we can just talk peace with them.” I looked at Ragaar He made a face that was very displeased. “Peace talks only gets you a false sense of security. It never works. I wish there was a such thing as PEACE.” I looked at Ragaar and said to myself “Well this isn’t working maybe I will go somewhere else.” I nodded in agreement. I told Ragaar. “I see now.” I told him to have a good day and left the office.   
I cannot stop at there. I left the base where I had protection. I started to walk to the “Uncharted” area. This area is where no one dared to go. I walked onto a rough terrain wondering what this is. This whole place reminds me of molten lava with glass. Black glass like hard. Like obsidian but not. I keep walking and I walk up a long steep hill. Once I got to the top I realized how tall this mountain was. A man walked up behind me and said in a shouting voice. “Why are you here?” I turned around and there was a soldier of a different kind of race was starting at me.

I said “I come in peace.” The soldier wasn’t listening to me. I said “Can I talk to you?” The alien then replied. “YOU? Who are you and why are you here?” I replied. “I am Daniel and I come for peace. I know your kind and mine have been at war for a very long time I am hoping there would be a way to come to terms of peace.” The alien looked at me once again seeing into my eyes and down my body. “You are telling the truth I can tell, but our war we had for 1,000 years has never been resolved. The trouble is that your kind is not trustworthy.” “Our race said the same about your race.” I said in reply. “You know Ragaar don’t you?” The alien said. “Yes I do know him.”

“My name is Takaal his brother. He is my brother on my Fathers side. I know how he lies and attacks our kind.” “Ragaar? He is a warrior like you.” I said. “When we were kids we lived together with the same family. When it came time of our age we left to different worlds. We were separated. We had to leave family behind. Now we have to learn to kill our enemy even if they are family.” Takaal said with an eye looking at his home planet and one on me. “Now Go! Go to your own side you are my enemy!” Takaal pushed me down the rock face. Cutting me deeply on the jagged sharp rocks. I hit a rock and my head starts bleeding and I start bleeding from many limbs all at once. 

Just then a shuttle lands next to me. I hear shouting. “You were always the sentimental type to the human race!” “You never cared about anything but yourself!” Go back home Brother!” “You Also Brother!” Both men are yelling at once another. Ragaar and Takaal. Brother against brother and mono against mono. I felt myself being lifted up and a bright light began to blind my sight. I passed out. Hours later when I regained consciousness I began to feel better. I see the blood is gone and my wounds are healed with no scaring. I was in the medic ward. “You acted careless.” Ragaar said to me. I went to say something and couldn’t. I was still so groggy. “You are too weak do not try to talk, Just listen.”. So I listened to Ragaar talk. “You met my brother Takaal. He is hardly the person to ask for peace. I grew up with him always wanting to create war and be in battle. Takaal must have said I am un trustworthy. To answer that truthfully. Yes I am. I lied to Takaal to protect him from himself. To protect our father from him. My brother grew strong much quicker than I. He could have killed our father when they fought. I never told him of his strength. We drank together our brew that we both craved. I spiked his with a berry that made him tired and weak. That way his anger and hatred to our father would not get him or father killed. I did what I must. He never let me down for what I did. We are both fighting for something bigger even though we are on different sides. Please understand our dilemma. Please understand peace will not work. The fight is over the Gallaxy and the power of one race against another. Not Brother to Brother. If we must end each other we will. I nodded then passed out. Ragaar put me gently into my sleeping pod and he left the room. “The war must proceed.” Ragaar said outloud to himself. – TO BE CONTINUED 


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