Dead Battery (part 19)

The two men get into the plane and make a dive bomb maneuver. “Bogey on your six!” Ragaar screams. We take a quick left then a right. “I cant maneuver the plan in such heavy traffic.” I yelled. I dived straight down. We found ourselves straight under the ship. “Get ready.” I said loudly with anticipation. I pulled a lever and detached the glass roof. Air rushed in and I grabbed the bomb. “AAAARRRRGGG.” Ragaar screamed. I Quickly flew the plan right by the side of the power unit on the bottom side of the ship. The bomb stuck. I made an evasive turn to the right. Just then I got hit in the right shoulder with a random phaser shot. No time to worry about my wound. I got ourself out of the zone. I have a tail. I flew straight down and flew by the buildings very close. The plane behind me is faster and has ability to shoot me down. I fly to a building and turn at the nick of time. A rocket slams into a building. People go flying out and clouds of gas and fire come flying out behind them. I go and turn around the jet tailing us. I fly up and over and through the building’s hole that the jet just made. “I cant believe this guy is doing this.” Ragaar is moaning. He looks behind and cries out. “He’s coming in after us.” I fly through an opening that is just big enough to get out. The tail we have might not be able to fit through. Just then Booom! The jet that was tailing us didn’t make it out. I was happy I felt absence of joy. I looked back at Ragaar to celebrate out dandy moves and win in the battle. I seen Ragaar slumped over with a head wound from a stray bullet. I land the plane on a Heli Pad. I go to the medical compartment. There is one life saving unit left. I immediately use it on Ragaar. It does not work at first. I use the magnet to fish out the bullet. “Oh he got hit with a real bullet, primitive but effective.” Ragaar comes back and gets his bearings. “You should not have.” Ragaar pleaded. “I need a sidekick.” I laughed as I said that. Now I act all cocky. I said “Let’s get out of here.”I’m going to blow the device. I get in and grab the detonator. We fly 5 miles out. On the way I think of all of humanity and our families. We need to blow this device and level the area and take out the ship. This thing is necessary what we are doing. “Say when.” Ragaar wasn’t in the mood to play games. “Just do it man!” Ragaar shouts. I hold the detonator above my head and wave like a sign of victory. I push the button in with my thumb. Click. I looked shocked at it. I waited. Nothing. I pressed again. Click, Click, Click, “NO! fucking no!” Ragaar “Oh I figured since it was by the power source. The signal must be blocked.” “We need to go back and go in and trip this manually.” I said with a sense of sickness overcoming me with dread. Just then one of our allies hits the ship with a heavy bombardment of cluster bombs and 30,000lb bombs. All ships and planes fighting fell from the sky all at once. The battle fell to a stand still. The device never was set off. The ship has visible damage. Ragaar yelled in disgust. “Them stupid asses you cant damage the Mother Ship with such small weapons.” The Mother ship moves straight up then stops. Then diagonally shoots straight out to space. “We got the enemy to retreat but this is not over yet!”. Ragaar spoke angrily.                                     We sat looking at once another. We decide to go back to base. We go to the local watering hole. Have a drink and talk about how the enemy is out of range and we missed our chance. “Now what are we going to do now Ragaar?” He looks at me with a long stare. “I seen an aircraft built for space travel just sitting in the dock. Looks like it hasn’t been used ever.” I implied. Ragaar said quickly “No that is Simoah’s personal shuttle. That’s out of the question.” I gave a look like who cares. “What would he know if I took it?” I said being cocky. Ragaar says with hesitation. “Do you know what Simoah would do if….” Just then a hand is placed on Ragaars shoulder. “What would I do?” Ragaar turns around and looks. “Oh you Simoah, fancy meeting you here.” Ragaar said with a sinking sense of doom. I step in and say. “We almost had that ship blown up and finished the job.” “Very close, but the shuttle had a transmission jammer and could not detonate THE DEVICE.” Ragaar said in a low beaten tone. Simoah enthusiastically implies. “Weren’t you just talking about a shuttle in the hangar that you were going to take?” I said “Yes, well yours.” “We need to Finnish the mission. We need to beat them and destroy that ship.” We all look at each other. Simoah gets up and motions for us to follow him. We walk to the hangar where there are 3 suits and weapons waiting. “Why 3?” I asked Simoah. “You guys are going to fight I fly. There is no time to wait. We go now.” Simoah gets in and fires up the Shuttle. We take off and head to the stars. -TO BE CONTINUED


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