Dead Battery (part 20)

The men looked out the Shuttle window and looked straight a row of Mother Ships right next to one another.
The one we planted the bomb on is in the middle. “3 Ships 3 People, 3 bombs.” Said Simoah “The numbers are in our favor.” Ragaar said emotionally. I decided to just wing it.
In space it was calm and nothing going on. No signs of war. Do not think too much just do. I tell myself as we get closer to our target. “I will get into a suit, can you get me close?” I ask Ragaar. Simoah agrees that I should go off to the center ship and activate that device. Ragaar suits up and so does Simoah. To get the right trajectory Somoah must fly the shuttle in the right direction and speed to launch me at the desired location where I put the bomb.
Once Simoah lined me up he shot me out. I am flying through the air. I hit the nearby floating debris from a frigate and I notice my suit is leaking air. Its starting to look like a one way mission for me. All of mankind is riding on me setting this off. I get to the device. This long floating sensation of being completely out of control reminds me of that saying “Its not the fall that you die from.” I hit the side of the Ship and I grab on for the fear of flying off into space and loosing this battle forever. I I look over and see Ragaar shooting across the dead night of space shooting like superman or a rocket one of the two. I see Ragaar have a rough landing on the Ship to my left. After I turn my head to the last ship. I see to my right Simoah flying the ship straight into the ship to my right. An explosion. I just got a thought he killed himself. A real Japanese suicide attack. No he couldn’t do that. Just then Crack Crack “Ragaar, Number 6 are you there?” it was a broken voice. The voice of Simoah. “You survived” I said. “I am injured and I don’t have long.” Simoah said in return. “I am leaking air soon I will be out of air.” I said in return. “Ragaar are you there?” I said. Ragaar “Yes but if we are all going to die up here lets do this right!”, On the count of 3 we all blow our devices.” Ragaar yelled. This is it, this is the end. Simoah went first. I seen a small explosion start to erupt. Ragaar blew his device. The explosions are getting close. I see it traveling through space toward my direction. I go to blow the detonator. Just then Click, Click, it did not work. “God please help me.” I screamed. I looked at the battery “The battery must be dead!” I put my fingers into my suit and pulled the battery to the life support and slammed it into the detonator. But the detonator didn’t set the charge off. What is wrong? I ditch the detonator and grab the device with a finger push in a lever. One push Click, and an instant white blinded my eyes. I had a rush of memory of my family and life and how I met Ragaar. “Hello, my name is Ragaar and I will be your friend Daniel.” I am at home and I see the alien on the day I met him outside my house.” Ragaar then said. “Hello Frank and Jill you have such a fine young man here I’m glad that you taught him well.” Ragaar continued. “Please do not take our Son whoever you are.” Jill said in a sobbing voice. “Frank, You you know that your son will change the world and the universe, his time is coming where he will have to help us all.” Simoah said convincingly. “Daniel you will always be our son, whatever your purpose is we will be there for you and we will understand.” Frank said flatly trying to hide his sadness and loss. “We love you Daniel, we will never forget you” Jill said shaking and sobbing. Jill made a shape of a heart on her chest and said. “You will always be with us in our hearts.” Suddenly everything went black. -To Be Continued.


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