Dead Battery (part 21)

From earth all humans and lifeforms were staring in space when the devices were set off. The bright blinding light could be seen and felt down to the earths depths. There were no survivors.
The Mother Ships were nothing but scattered debris in the blackness of space. Everyone looked to the ground and put their hands to their heart on the Military Base where these men were trained. Months later. With Peace and no threat from alien take over the planet and universe was finally free after years of fighting. Everyone was gathering at a ceremony for Number 6, Ragaar, Simoah. There the Heros of the Galaxy is to be honored and celebrated for their sacrifice to the world. A man takes the podium in front of the 600 plus at attendance and starts to speak into the microphone. “My son named Daniel known to you all as Number 6 was a special person. We raised him to be a giving and caring and helpful soul who puts others before himself. His self sacrifice will be legendary and so will be all the others who laid their lives on the lines for the price of our freedom. I thank you all and proud that Daniel was our son.” Frank said patriotically. “Our son was such a darling soul, I have pictures here of our son throughout the years.” Jill started a slide show standing back in tears. The lights go out and all seated watched the show as Jill began narrating. “This is Danny when he was just born, This is Danny in grade school getting his first report card, This is Danny graduating middle school. This is Danny just before he was put in the training program. I would like to have Danny be remembered as he was in this life. That’s all I have to say, Thank you.” Jill went and sat down next to the family with a handkerchief blotting her tears. The head of the training program takes the podium. “You all do not know me but I knew Daniel as you know him as Number 6. Before we got him and picked him out. Our galaxy and universe has been at war for many years. To end our war we had to pick a neutral being. A being that could interact with the device we found on a derelict enemy vessel. Number 6 had the right DNA to interact with the device. Something we could not on our own or you all here for that matter. One day during the program Number 6 asked me why he was picked. I replied to him “Because you are special, you are the ONE the one that is the key to the survival of everything in the universe.” “Yes I agree Daniel and all the ones who gave their lives to the cause is very special.” General Paxton says in response. “If I can have all of you attention and follow me outside to the front of the building.” A voice over the loudspeaker cracks out. Everyone walks to a space that has red tape and 3 large statues and a plaque. The General and the family gets lined up in front of the tape. “Today we will cut the ribbon on this monument to our fallen men who gave us such peace.” the general speaks patriotically. Frank and Jill cut the ribbon and shake hands with the General. Jill smashes a bottle of wine on Daniel’s statue. “To a good future and remembrance that we have peace and thanks to my son and Ragaar and Simoah.” The General leads the congregation into the National Anthem. THE END


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