Dead Battery (part 14)

I feel glad that I passed espionage session of the training. That was hard. I guess because it took so much patience.
One of the things that you learn is to be covert. Get in and out quickly and not be seen. I never knew how good of skill that is till I did it myself. I feel a sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that I can do something great. Let’s see what happens today.
When I went to class I seen Ragaar was there with a new person. He stood there holding a toy that looked like a bomb. I sat down and listened while the class was playfully jabbering away. “Listen up people! My name is Stan Stone and I’m your instructor this evening!”
See this in my hands? One cadet in his seat said “It looks like a toy.” We all laughed. Stan got miffed. “No it is the bomb we dropped in Japan years ago called “Fat man”. We are here to teach you how to split atoms. We are going to use this weapon only at last resort. One of the first things we will say about the bomb is that there is no bomb. No one will speak of any of this outside this room.” I started to think that they are serious here. “First thing we are to talk about is how to arm this bomb.” Stone said. I gulped hard when I thought of an atomic bomb and me having to arm it. The thought of this makes me nervous. No not nervous more like petrified. Stan Stone continues talking. “Once you are at the location the bomb location You are to twist the disk on the end of the bomb by the fin here and pull out the central core. Then pull the pin. Twist the disk back and lock the Platonium in the bomb. The bomb will be live. You knock the wrong thing in the process you can kiss your ass goodbye.” I was thinking the same thing. Stone continues. “You are to deploy the bomb and transport it on a vessel to a specific target. This will be determined when the situation arises. Could be dropped, Flown, Radio Controlled. If you need to you can throw it.” Stone said with a grin. I thought I was Superman there and how could I throw a 10 ton bomb! Hahaha.
Stone continues. “The thing you don’t need is for your enemy to know you have a bomb. Try to act normal and do normal flying and act in a normal behavior. It is important that they do not suspect anything.” “Yeah no shit Sherlock.” I thought to myself. “Lastly when you are the one chosen to be with the bomb and to place and detonate the bomb you are the eyes and ears of the crew.”
You will have to make adjustments in battle and figure out where and how to make the best advantages of any given situation. If all hell breaks loose You will have to take the wheel and do what you can what you feel is best for the goal to be achieved. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 13)

We went to a room that is just empty. I was asked to change into a dark clothing and shoes that had a split in between the toes. Strange uniform. I was put in a room to wait for further instructions. All of a sudden all lights go out and its darker than anything I ever experienced. I could not see anything. A loud noise came from the ceiling blaring so loud I had to hold my ears. A voice rang out “Now find your way out and remember we can hear you. Be silent enough for us to not know where you are.”
I started to walk through and bumped the table, I made a bump noise. “Warning one” Rang out from the ceiling. I started to remember the way we came in. Map in my mind and the paces of steps. I got up and stood up and retraced my steps. I heard a crunch. “What Glass?” “Warning two” Rang out from the ceiling once again. I know now that they put obstacles. I put my hand out to feel my surroundings and curved my feet stepping one to another in a gingerly manner. Just then I stepped on tacks, I did not put all my weight down I lifted my foot and felt my way over the spot where the tacks where. I got to the end. I went to reach the door. I felt for the knob and I pulled. Boom! Flash of light went off and I was blind. Just then I opened my eyes. “Third warning” rang out from the ceiling once again. Once I could see the lights came on. Raggar pointed to the door. I looked at the door and seen another. I was at the wrong door. “Who would put two doors beside one another?” Ragaar replies “Do not use your mind with logic only, you will learn that things are not all that logical.” I looked up to Ragaar and nodded. CAPTAIN ROGERS reports to me. “Daniel, or 6 Your skills are good, your primal instinct is very strong, but you need much more work.” I went through trials of camouflage and covert movement for weeks. I was working so hard at something that seemed so pointless. At the end of the last trial course. I had to be spotted and use my smarts to talk the MP to let me through. I get through the first MP by timing his movements. I get past the second MP by throwing something to distract him away. I get past the third MP by fighting him and leaving him knocked out put away in a locker. I get past the 4th MP by turning off the lights and using my night eyes to dart past him. I get past the 5th MP by crawling on the ceiling and over him while he watches his tv. I get to the last MP. There is no way around other than a door he is directly in front of. I walk up to him. “Hello, How are you doing today?” I say. The MP says “State your business here.” “ I am to see CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The MP says,”There is no captain rogers here sir you have no clearance you must leave!” I put my hand on his shoulder and say “You must remember CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The mp turns around promptly and opens the door. “This way 6” I get access. CAPTAIN ROGERS is standing there. You passed Number 6. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 12)

When I woke up Ragaar was beside me. I woke up with excitement for our day to start. We got in a car and drove to the local military base. Ragaar drove up to the MP and told the person there that he has business there. He is to meet Captain Rogers. I noticed how calm he was about it. the MP said “Who is Captain Rogers?, You cannot go in I do not know who that is, let me call my Commander in charge. We waited calmly and when the MP came back he was stern. “Sir you need to leave there is no Captain Rogers here.” I looked at Ragaar and I said. “Well we better go.” Ragaar extended a hand and said “Well thank you find sir, May I shake your hand?” The MP look at him in the eyes and said. “I said….” then he extended his hand to shake Ragaars hand. Ragaar said calmly and slowly. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The two men stared into each others eyes for couple of minutes. The MP promptly let us in. We drove in. I said to Ragaar. “You really have a way with people don’t you?” Ragaar replies smoothly with style. “Its not a gift its a skill and you will learn it also. I looked at him like he was crazy. As we walk up to this heavily guarded building. My knees started to shake. Ragaar put his hands on my shoulder and I was calm once again. We go in and talk to the woman at the desk front office. Ragaar asked for Captain Rogers. She said “Who?” Ragaar reached and took her hand softly and said. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The lady got straight up and walked fast down the row of cubicles. We had a hard time keeping up to her she was going so fast. How could this woman walk so fast I was wondering? She took ahold of the thermostat on the wall and pulled it down. A wall slid away to expose a door. The door had a name on it. “CAPTAIN ROGERS”. We walked through and she shut the door behind us and went back to her duties.
A man walks up to us and introduces himself. “Hello, I am CAPTAIN ROGERS.” Raggar says “This is the one, Daniel is his hame.” “Soon you will be called 6.” CAPTAIN ROGERS exclaims. We walk down these long stairs, all our electronic items are taken from us. Cell phone, iPods, and all metallic objects. We came to a room. Dark and had rooms connected and microphones set up. “What is this?”
CAPTAIN ROGERS said “You will find out soon enough.”
-To Be Continued

Dead Battery (Part 11)

When I was dreaming I dreamt of an alien ship. Not the one we are on. A different one. I gathered from the feeling I got they were not friendly. They seen me and I died from being shot over and over. I woke up and Simoah walked up to me and said. The time has come. You are to prepare for your next phase of training. We walked down to a room. We walk in and we see aliens fighting. Looking like Ninja warriors all dressed in black. Simoah comes up to me and says you will be doing this. We take another door and there is aliens practicing in the water swimming and water fighting. Underwater fighting. A deadly skill. I looked in horror and Simoah put his hand on my shoulder and I felt calm. First Simoah took me to the water. He had a gear for me to wear. I dressed and I wanted to get started training. Simoah took me to the shallow end and kept his hand on my shoulder. I felt calm. He brought me out to the deep end and then finally went under. We practiced fighting. I copied the moves he did. When I got scared I felt his hand on my shoulder I felt calm even under the water in lack of oxygen. I learned my body could do way more than my mind could ever think. I was being conditioned to accomplish more than I ever could dream. After we did skills in firearms, hand to hand combat. I was being taught the ropes. The extra strength and sight made me see in the dark like animals do and have lightning reflexes. I felt strong and I now have skills. Simoah told me. “Now Daniel you will forget everything when I say a word. “Watupzuteck” Simoah said very loudly. I passed out. As I phase into the present time I wake up and I said out loud “I remember”, as I lay in the cot. Ragaar said. “Great you remember your training. Simoah was my friend I was the other man there when you went up to the ship with Simoah. You see, I know you very well.” Now get some rest you will need it tomorrow. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 10)

As I lay awake in bed I remember when I was 8. I was laying in my children’s single bed. I said to myself that I wanted something new. I was bored with this small town I lived in. Even at such an early age I was bored and sick with the town. I knew that this place had nothing. As I lay in bed I heard a commotion and dogs and animals began to make noises. In the dark of night all of a sudden there was a light 10 times brighter than the sun. My parents woke up and they both stood outside. 3 men in suits with glasses on approached them. I could see this from my bedroom window. They seemed to be talking. My dad said “Yes I will get him.” I heard my fathers footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked at me emotionless. He said “You need to go with our new friends.” I got scared. My dad looked like a zombie and acted strange. I mean who would give away their son? I kicked and screamed. I would not go but my father was very strong. He kept pulling me down the stairs as I grabbed for each railing. My dad gave me over to the man in black. He called himself Simoah. When he spoke to me he said. “Come with us young Daniel I have much to teach you.” I was standing there and in a bright flash there was a room. We were standing in a room. I said “How”. Simoah said “You will find out in time what you are here for, right now you need to go to the Doctors. We walked down a corridor. A corridor filled with lights. The lights are bright but not painful to the eyes. We get to a big lab. I am led to a chair with strange equipment attached to it. It got me worried when I seen a hole in the chair and a device that goes into the anal. I turned to Simoah and said. “I’m scared.” He talked to me and calmed me down. Something strange in his voice, a calming effect that made me feel obligated to do this. I stripped off my Superman Pj’s and I was cold but not too cold. I started to shiver. Simoah put his hand, more like a claw on my shoulder and the cold went away. I sat up on the chair and I could feel those devices all over my body. It was 10 minutes later they said I had impurities and disease in my body. A female voice said. “I am starting phase one.” I said “What is that?” Simoah said in response “We are taking out any illness you will ever have in your whole life,We are replacing your genetics to make you stronger.” “I will be like Superman?” I said excitingly. “Something like that.” Simoah said laughing. I never heard an alien laugh but I found it quite relaxing. After the tests were done I stood up and found I felt stronger. More alert and my eyes sight impeccable. I was like new. I looked around with my new eyes. I was given a mirror. I was shaven and I had a tattoo on my head. A number, number 6. I asked what is that? “Its who you are now Daniel.” Simoah brought me to a sleeping room with a small bed that looks like a cot that hung down from the wall. I was tired and did not care where I slept it could be on a bed of nails I was so tired all of a sudden. I dazed off and all my thoughts went all over the place. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 9)

I ran up stood in front of the two men again. The lead male alien spread his mouth open like wings with fangs on the ends. Freaky shit but I have to get through this. I gave him an intense stare. I ran up and got knocked back off my balance. I stuttered back and regained my flow of this. I sprang and dodged in another direction. Missing a claw from this strong male aliens hand. I seen the second try to football tackle me around the legs. I quickly jumped and made it over the second male alien. The second I landed I sprinted straight to the bench where the guns were. I quickly put a magazine in the chamber and cocked the gun. “Oh crap they are not giving up.” I said and ran up to the first defender and knocked him down with a gun butt to the chin. The second was ready for me and strong he picked me up and threw me I hit the ground rolled and had my gun in my hand. I ran up to him and did a take down maneuver with some speed and using my weight I pulled him down. I got up and ran through the obstacles of barb wire and logs propped over them in pits. I looked instantly I seen a wall, without hesitation going up and over with gun on my back. I ran to the table quickly pulled the gun over to shooting stance and shot all targets on perfect spot. I was amazed at even myself. I didn’t even know how I did that. Why could an average security guard know these things? “You were slow Daniel!” Ragaar bellowed. You need to train harder.” Ragaar screamed in my ear.
I said “Yes sir.” That week we trained very hard. The week was long. Throwing grenades and learning explosives. It was a long week. I was working on timed drills. Getting to know the gun parts and tear down and rebuild in record time. After a week I had my skills honed and I was not sure why I still knew these skills and how fast I learned them moves. Ragaar sat me down and gave me some water. “Daniel I want you fit and I want to be sure you are the man for the job.” “Life for you will get harder that is if we come out of this alive!” I made a gulp swallow and thought what? “What could be so bad?” I said in return. ”Daniel You have a purpose to fulfill just remember you are a leatherneck, Simper Fi Soldier.” “Yes Sir” Ragaar started to tell me why we are here. “We are at war, our galaxy there is a fight going on right now in the galaxy. Past that star.” Ragaar pointed to the milky way and a specific star in group by the edge. I looked up and said “That dot, it looks like a speck up there?” “Oh no that is my home!” Ragaar returned quickly. “Soon you will be up there fighting for the galaxy and our home.” I said “No way!” Raggar gave me a look as he said nothing. “Let me tell you something Daniel.” I nodded without saying anything. You know you were a soldier. You were trained since you were young. Our people met with your parents and told them to let us take you in and teach you military life. You already know these drills. Your member was erased at command. When we seen that there was a threat of war we decided to make teams of soldiers off planet of our home. We need advantage to our enemy and Humans were perfect for it. You will remember once you hear me say the magic word. Are you ready Daniel? I nodded and thought he’s nuts. “Watupzuteck” yelled Ragaar. memories flashed back in my mind. Ragaar told me to go back to the barracks and rest and remember. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 8)

It was a hot day and the sun was glaring. I was looking at the blue sky and seeing the cloudless blue. Just then a yell came ringing out.”Daniel! What are you doing?” I said admiring the view.” “Sir, You didn’t say Sir.” The voice reported. I felt stupid I didn’t look hard enough at who was talking. Was I talking to myself? I looked puzzled. Just then a person changed right in front of my eyes to an Alien form. “Calm, Do not be afraid I am Ragaar, You address me as Sir from now on got that Daniel?” “Yes Alien sir.” I said back in quick response. “What the hell did I just see, is this real?” I thought to myself. “We are off to a weapons drill, are you ready?” Ragaar ordered. I replied quickly and with a loud commanding voice.”Yes sir.” I said and thought “Why?”.  Ragaar lead the way and we went out to the open field behind our building I used to guard. There were things, and weapons set up that I never seen before. “Daniel have you ever seen this stuff before?” Ragaar asked sternly. “No, but I have seen a lot of tv.” I said panicking. “Oh this is going to be great ready to have some fun!” Ragaar said Commandingly. I was amazed at how he felt so confident of something I supposedly do know but I am sure I cant do weapons. “HM… this is interesting.” I said as Ragaar and I walk up to a table filled with assault riffles and grenades and some electric devices strange in design. Ragaar began to raise his voice loud almost in my ear! “FORGET what you have been told up to now in your whole life. Forget who you are and your life here. You are about to go on a journey that will take you off world! You need to know you might never come back. This is an order!” Ragaar could see the shock on my face. “Why me?” I said panicking. Ragaar said calmly “Because you are the one, you have been picked.” It made me think. Just when he got that out of his mouth he yelled “To the back of the line now soldier!” Just then there was 30 aliens behind me. I thought what am I doing here?. Why am I wish aliens and why cant they do their work for themselves. Standing in the back of the line I seen male aliens doing fighting drills, hand to hand and shooting weapons and deploying bombs. I also seen female of the race doing spy related activities, covert, and skilled in Linguistics. I could figure out what they were doing sort of. Ragaar decided to step things up, and told me to gain access to the front firing line by getting through the two alien men defending it and shoot the targets before time is up. I looked at him like he was nuts. So he said “Now, Go” I ran up to the men Just to be knocked back from his blow right in my chest. I fell right to the ground and could not breathe. I failed my first attempt.
Ragaar bellowed in my ear “You lazy weak pile of dung! Get up you have to be stronger than that! When you fall down you must get up and try again! Now soldier!” “Yes sir.”I said straight away as I got right back up, caught my breathe then I went to do the same thing, I seen the first male alien lunge and I did a turn and dodged just to go into the second one he grabbed me and gave me a squeeze tighter than I ever thought. “Oh bear hug that isn’t too bad, I cant breathe but bring it on.” I fell to the ground and grabbed my chest. Ragaar was on top of me screaming in my ear. “You really don’t know what you are doing do you?” You need to be taught you weak human! Ragaar was laughing at me in this long loud alien deep resonating bellowing that pierced my ears. I sat out for a short spell on a bench to recover. They are big and strong and I am 160 pounds dripping wet. I started to loose confidence. I began to think I was not the one they chose because I was good, just a good expendable asset to use in the plans they have which I have no clue yet of what that is. Ragaar sensed my doubt and came over and stood over me and stared. “I see a soldier in you, your green now but give it a minute. You will accomplish greatness! All you have to do is try. Trying is 98% of winning. Just never give up on yourself and others in the battle.” “Now that you rested a bit we are going to do this again!” Ragaar commanded. “Yes sir.” I said in return. -To BE CONTINUED.