Dead Battery (Part 11)

When I was dreaming I dreamt of an alien ship. Not the one we are on. A different one. I gathered from the feeling I got they were not friendly. They seen me and I died from being shot over and over. I woke up and Simoah walked up to me and said. The time has come. You are to prepare for your next phase of training. We walked down to a room. We walk in and we see aliens fighting. Looking like Ninja warriors all dressed in black. Simoah comes up to me and says you will be doing this. We take another door and there is aliens practicing in the water swimming and water fighting. Underwater fighting. A deadly skill. I looked in horror and Simoah put his hand on my shoulder and I felt calm. First Simoah took me to the water. He had a gear for me to wear. I dressed and I wanted to get started training. Simoah took me to the shallow end and kept his hand on my shoulder. I felt calm. He brought me out to the deep end and then finally went under. We practiced fighting. I copied the moves he did. When I got scared I felt his hand on my shoulder I felt calm even under the water in lack of oxygen. I learned my body could do way more than my mind could ever think. I was being conditioned to accomplish more than I ever could dream. After we did skills in firearms, hand to hand combat. I was being taught the ropes. The extra strength and sight made me see in the dark like animals do and have lightning reflexes. I felt strong and I now have skills. Simoah told me. “Now Daniel you will forget everything when I say a word. “Watupzuteck” Simoah said very loudly. I passed out. As I phase into the present time I wake up and I said out loud “I remember”, as I lay in the cot. Ragaar said. “Great you remember your training. Simoah was my friend I was the other man there when you went up to the ship with Simoah. You see, I know you very well.” Now get some rest you will need it tomorrow. -TO BE CONTINUED


Dead Battery (Part 10)

As I lay awake in bed I remember when I was 8. I was laying in my children’s single bed. I said to myself that I wanted something new. I was bored with this small town I lived in. Even at such an early age I was bored and sick with the town. I knew that this place had nothing. As I lay in bed I heard a commotion and dogs and animals began to make noises. In the dark of night all of a sudden there was a light 10 times brighter than the sun. My parents woke up and they both stood outside. 3 men in suits with glasses on approached them. I could see this from my bedroom window. They seemed to be talking. My dad said “Yes I will get him.” I heard my fathers footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked at me emotionless. He said “You need to go with our new friends.” I got scared. My dad looked like a zombie and acted strange. I mean who would give away their son? I kicked and screamed. I would not go but my father was very strong. He kept pulling me down the stairs as I grabbed for each railing. My dad gave me over to the man in black. He called himself Simoah. When he spoke to me he said. “Come with us young Daniel I have much to teach you.” I was standing there and in a bright flash there was a room. We were standing in a room. I said “How”. Simoah said “You will find out in time what you are here for, right now you need to go to the Doctors. We walked down a corridor. A corridor filled with lights. The lights are bright but not painful to the eyes. We get to a big lab. I am led to a chair with strange equipment attached to it. It got me worried when I seen a hole in the chair and a device that goes into the anal. I turned to Simoah and said. “I’m scared.” He talked to me and calmed me down. Something strange in his voice, a calming effect that made me feel obligated to do this. I stripped off my Superman Pj’s and I was cold but not too cold. I started to shiver. Simoah put his hand, more like a claw on my shoulder and the cold went away. I sat up on the chair and I could feel those devices all over my body. It was 10 minutes later they said I had impurities and disease in my body. A female voice said. “I am starting phase one.” I said “What is that?” Simoah said in response “We are taking out any illness you will ever have in your whole life,We are replacing your genetics to make you stronger.” “I will be like Superman?” I said excitingly. “Something like that.” Simoah said laughing. I never heard an alien laugh but I found it quite relaxing. After the tests were done I stood up and found I felt stronger. More alert and my eyes sight impeccable. I was like new. I looked around with my new eyes. I was given a mirror. I was shaven and I had a tattoo on my head. A number, number 6. I asked what is that? “Its who you are now Daniel.” Simoah brought me to a sleeping room with a small bed that looks like a cot that hung down from the wall. I was tired and did not care where I slept it could be on a bed of nails I was so tired all of a sudden. I dazed off and all my thoughts went all over the place. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 9)

I ran up stood in front of the two men again. The lead male alien spread his mouth open like wings with fangs on the ends. Freaky shit but I have to get through this. I gave him an intense stare. I ran up and got knocked back off my balance. I stuttered back and regained my flow of this. I sprang and dodged in another direction. Missing a claw from this strong male aliens hand. I seen the second try to football tackle me around the legs. I quickly jumped and made it over the second male alien. The second I landed I sprinted straight to the bench where the guns were. I quickly put a magazine in the chamber and cocked the gun. “Oh crap they are not giving up.” I said and ran up to the first defender and knocked him down with a gun butt to the chin. The second was ready for me and strong he picked me up and threw me I hit the ground rolled and had my gun in my hand. I ran up to him and did a take down maneuver with some speed and using my weight I pulled him down. I got up and ran through the obstacles of barb wire and logs propped over them in pits. I looked instantly I seen a wall, without hesitation going up and over with gun on my back. I ran to the table quickly pulled the gun over to shooting stance and shot all targets on perfect spot. I was amazed at even myself. I didn’t even know how I did that. Why could an average security guard know these things? “You were slow Daniel!” Ragaar bellowed. You need to train harder.” Ragaar screamed in my ear.
I said “Yes sir.” That week we trained very hard. The week was long. Throwing grenades and learning explosives. It was a long week. I was working on timed drills. Getting to know the gun parts and tear down and rebuild in record time. After a week I had my skills honed and I was not sure why I still knew these skills and how fast I learned them moves. Ragaar sat me down and gave me some water. “Daniel I want you fit and I want to be sure you are the man for the job.” “Life for you will get harder that is if we come out of this alive!” I made a gulp swallow and thought what? “What could be so bad?” I said in return. ”Daniel You have a purpose to fulfill just remember you are a leatherneck, Simper Fi Soldier.” “Yes Sir” Ragaar started to tell me why we are here. “We are at war, our galaxy there is a fight going on right now in the galaxy. Past that star.” Ragaar pointed to the milky way and a specific star in group by the edge. I looked up and said “That dot, it looks like a speck up there?” “Oh no that is my home!” Ragaar returned quickly. “Soon you will be up there fighting for the galaxy and our home.” I said “No way!” Raggar gave me a look as he said nothing. “Let me tell you something Daniel.” I nodded without saying anything. You know you were a soldier. You were trained since you were young. Our people met with your parents and told them to let us take you in and teach you military life. You already know these drills. Your member was erased at command. When we seen that there was a threat of war we decided to make teams of soldiers off planet of our home. We need advantage to our enemy and Humans were perfect for it. You will remember once you hear me say the magic word. Are you ready Daniel? I nodded and thought he’s nuts. “Watupzuteck” yelled Ragaar. memories flashed back in my mind. Ragaar told me to go back to the barracks and rest and remember. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 8)

It was a hot day and the sun was glaring. I was looking at the blue sky and seeing the cloudless blue. Just then a yell came ringing out.”Daniel! What are you doing?” I said admiring the view.” “Sir, You didn’t say Sir.” The voice reported. I felt stupid I didn’t look hard enough at who was talking. Was I talking to myself? I looked puzzled. Just then a person changed right in front of my eyes to an Alien form. “Calm, Do not be afraid I am Ragaar, You address me as Sir from now on got that Daniel?” “Yes Alien sir.” I said back in quick response. “What the hell did I just see, is this real?” I thought to myself. “We are off to a weapons drill, are you ready?” Ragaar ordered. I replied quickly and with a loud commanding voice.”Yes sir.” I said and thought “Why?”.  Ragaar lead the way and we went out to the open field behind our building I used to guard. There were things, and weapons set up that I never seen before. “Daniel have you ever seen this stuff before?” Ragaar asked sternly. “No, but I have seen a lot of tv.” I said panicking. “Oh this is going to be great ready to have some fun!” Ragaar said Commandingly. I was amazed at how he felt so confident of something I supposedly do know but I am sure I cant do weapons. “HM… this is interesting.” I said as Ragaar and I walk up to a table filled with assault riffles and grenades and some electric devices strange in design. Ragaar began to raise his voice loud almost in my ear! “FORGET what you have been told up to now in your whole life. Forget who you are and your life here. You are about to go on a journey that will take you off world! You need to know you might never come back. This is an order!” Ragaar could see the shock on my face. “Why me?” I said panicking. Ragaar said calmly “Because you are the one, you have been picked.” It made me think. Just when he got that out of his mouth he yelled “To the back of the line now soldier!” Just then there was 30 aliens behind me. I thought what am I doing here?. Why am I wish aliens and why cant they do their work for themselves. Standing in the back of the line I seen male aliens doing fighting drills, hand to hand and shooting weapons and deploying bombs. I also seen female of the race doing spy related activities, covert, and skilled in Linguistics. I could figure out what they were doing sort of. Ragaar decided to step things up, and told me to gain access to the front firing line by getting through the two alien men defending it and shoot the targets before time is up. I looked at him like he was nuts. So he said “Now, Go” I ran up to the men Just to be knocked back from his blow right in my chest. I fell right to the ground and could not breathe. I failed my first attempt.
Ragaar bellowed in my ear “You lazy weak pile of dung! Get up you have to be stronger than that! When you fall down you must get up and try again! Now soldier!” “Yes sir.”I said straight away as I got right back up, caught my breathe then I went to do the same thing, I seen the first male alien lunge and I did a turn and dodged just to go into the second one he grabbed me and gave me a squeeze tighter than I ever thought. “Oh bear hug that isn’t too bad, I cant breathe but bring it on.” I fell to the ground and grabbed my chest. Ragaar was on top of me screaming in my ear. “You really don’t know what you are doing do you?” You need to be taught you weak human! Ragaar was laughing at me in this long loud alien deep resonating bellowing that pierced my ears. I sat out for a short spell on a bench to recover. They are big and strong and I am 160 pounds dripping wet. I started to loose confidence. I began to think I was not the one they chose because I was good, just a good expendable asset to use in the plans they have which I have no clue yet of what that is. Ragaar sensed my doubt and came over and stood over me and stared. “I see a soldier in you, your green now but give it a minute. You will accomplish greatness! All you have to do is try. Trying is 98% of winning. Just never give up on yourself and others in the battle.” “Now that you rested a bit we are going to do this again!” Ragaar commanded. “Yes sir.” I said in return. -To BE CONTINUED.

Dead Battery (part 7)

This day is not the day where we walk around and look at things. This day is the day where we need to work. So I’m working the late shift. I am making my food and something is wrong. I know there is something wrong. Something different. I look around and no one is here. I’m all alone. I feel that I”m in a different state of mind. Things have shifted like this place is actually inside my mind and not the world I live in every day. It’s like a woke to a new life. A new purpose. I feel driven by something. I don’t know why but I must go outside. I walk outside. Then I see the sky turn dark. “Oh what an end to a good day.” I said sarcastically. The sky turned to storming in a flash. A funnel cloud and lightning form from the center of the storm. A big lighted orb comes out and zips around. “Oh shit! What is that?” I say with a sense of fear in my voice.

Behind the light orb came a Giant shaped object floating in the sky. It was shaped like a spear. It hovered awhile then decided to lower. When it lowered it was falling down at a rapid decent. It stopped just before the ground and landed softly. Out came a ramp. “If this is an alien ship how cliche is this?” I said laughing. Just then I start looking and thinking these creatures coming out look odd. They are definitely not anything I have seen before. They are Yellow skinned. They are like us but different proportions in the arms and legs. More stocky and built like body builders.
Then three people come out of the group of 10 and walk to me speaking a language I never heard before. They scan me and look at me up and down. They talk to each other. I got bored I think they are peaceful aliens. “If this is a dream well this is boring.” Thinking to myself as one takes my arm. “Hey there what are we doing?” I said in a panicked tone. They escort me to the ramp and I appear to be boarding their ship. “Well I never seen the inside of alien technology.” I thought. I was brought to a room. This alien looked more like me. He almost looked human. He was standing there and said. “Hello Daniel.” I was shocked “You know English?” “Yes we do and we have to know all languages of the universes in the United universe.” Said the alien. “Well, what is your name?” I said if I were to address this creature properly. “My name is Roy, you can call me this name since one of your human friends was named this also.” – To Be Continued.

Dead Battery (Part 6)

Dead Battery (Part 6)

Well back to work another fine day at work. I am looking at the monitors and said to Henry “Hey that mankind was something don’t you agree?” Henry looked at me stiff and rigid and expressionless. “Really? that was some stunt hiring them I didn’t see that coming.” I said as Henry just kept looking at me silent and expressionless. “You should not be so gullible.” Henry said in an expressionless tone. Robotic voice maybe. I thought that was funny so I laughed. “Henry, what has come over you?” Henry was looking at me and I was looking at him and seen for a second. A flash. Something I thought was my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and looked at Henry. “Hey you see that? My eyes are messed up.” I said. Henry says “ No there is nothing wrong with your eyes.” Then in flash of the blink of an eye he had alien eyes. This was not going away no matter how many times I blinked or wiped my eyes or pinch my skin. No matter what Henry was an alien. “oh, I get it contacts.” I got closer and Henry said “No they are real.” I asked him to walk outside and do a patrol on foot with me. We walked out but he stayed in the doorway. He said he does not go out in the day. “What a Vampire now and an alien?” I said cocky and funny. I went on the foot patrol alone. I notice it was vey hot out for June and I was sweating. It feels very not natural for this to be so hot more like we are in an oven. I looked up and seen a bright light as if the sun was shining down on me. This blinding light was present everywhere I went as it was following me. I walked in the back door to the building and the light dimmed and my eyes adjusted and I looked out and it was normal. The place was normal again. I must be dreaming or something is wrong, but what is it?

Dead Battery (Part 5)

Dead Battery (Part 5)

The Work week Was weak.
With nothing to do. We slowly did our work. We found ourselves yawning and being very tired. We read our books. I played with my hand-held Gameboy. I was winning just when the boss walked int the door and Yelled. “You Shitbirds!”, You both are panty waste and just sit around and do nothing!” He said. His name was John we just call him “Sarge”.” Well it was boring here and we were so falling asleep..” I started so say when he cut me off saying. “You get back to work and look alert!” As I look around not knowing what happened I got this sinking feeling like Im being watched. The feeling that you are being watched from a serial killer or something. Aw never mind Dan your imagination is getting the best of you. Life is just a crazy loop of images on your mind and just happens to be that you dreamt one of them dreams again. You know them dreams? Right? huh? The ones that are so real that you feel like pinching yourself to see if your sleeping or awake! Oh my God! that is so me today. Well back to work. Its the work week and there will be inspection today. I want to be prepared. I think I got enough sleep. A kind of restless sleep but not great sleep. Sound sleep would have been better than them spooky dreams. Starting in the morning we did inspection and made sure our books were in order and we organized a 2 man team me and Henry to do a sweep of the area and made sure building is nice and sound. Everything is in order and looks great. I even picked up the cigar butts that Sarge would leave by the smokers cone. I thought I would be extra tidy. Well I looked out into the yard and seen the precious garbage we guard it looked as normal. Everything is ready for inspection.

Half way through the day I found myself yawning and being very tired. We read our books. Twiddled our thumbs and it came around to 5pm or 1700 to be technical. We did not get our visitors. Just as I said “Well Henry we did not even see them visitors. I guess there will be no inspection.” Just as I said that a door opens and in storms the visitors I was beside myself. “Well, Ummm hello I am officer Daniel this is officer Henry we are pleased to meet you.” The visitor wanted to speak to Henry. “Why are you talking in behalf of officer Henry O’Neil?” “Henry take a walk in with us” the older gentleman says with an extra stern voice. Henry go with two men who take him into our what was newly Command Center after the supposed Tornado and now back to a break room. Hmmm my brain is spinning here. Well, back to the dreaded monitors. I’m looking at the monitors and just sitting here being bored. Fighting the need to pull out the Gameboy and I just give in the urge and pull out the machine and start my favorite game. Just then I hear “Hey slacker put that down!” I don’t know how he did it but Sarge is standing right there and looking at me with a stern face like he is going to do something I don’t like. “How did you get in the door sir?, I did not even hear you.” “That is what you get when your playing your game you do not know how much noise that thing makes! A tornado could come down on you and you would not know anything! You are a Shitbird and not worth my time!” said Sarge. After awhile you get used to his garage of shitty mean talk. You just tune it out. To be an outright ass I said back “Yeah”. Short and sweet but its like “whatever” in other words. I stared at the monitor and put the Gameboy away and out came Henry and the two men. Henry was looking down and would not make eye contact and was very stoic. We were standing there and one of the two inspection officers barked to me.” Can you follow me sir right now?” I walked with the two men to the Garbage area in the yard. The two men are inside with their flashlights looking.” Its dark maybe we should come back in the day time.” I said. Just then the lights came on and Henry said “Lights work now how about that?”” My thoughts exactly Henry.” I said in return. “Now cut this shit out I know you stole these items.” Lead inspector said forcefully.
Henry and I stood there and looked at each other. The lead inspector says “Don’t you make us do this” and he reached for a utility belt possibly for his pepper spray or stun gun! Just then he threatens to stun me and leave me on the floor taxed and covered in my own drool if I don’t speak up and admit I told the items. “I don’t know what items you are talking about!” I blurted out. I turned scared and he gave me a long start. He went for the utility belt and made a flinch and I jumped 3 feet. Then he just went for the belt buckle. I got created out and took off his belt and came up to me and said “You get this Mister!” Suddenly he just dropped his wars and did a dance his partner was stripping too and did a dance. They started singing in unison. “We got you, we got you, we really got you, I hope you like our act, hope you hire us  back.” The two men in mankind doing male version of the Twerking was making me queasy. I was like what? Oh my God! now this is crazy! I was relieved and shocked at the same time. Henry said “Well you say there e is never any action around here so I hired some for you old man.” Just then I wondered if Henry was gay or thought I was or was just messing around. “The male twerking in a mankini really got me there, I wont ever forget that Henry burned in my mind forever.” Henry looked at me and laughed.

Dead Battery (Part 4)

Dead Battery (Part 4)

We carry on doing what we are doing. Then we just work and work hard at doing nothing. Another day we work. We are walking around doing our evening rounds and nothing happens like usual. We play a board game of monopoly. We had a normal day. I brought something to spice up the day. A 6 pack of beer. “Why not? the boss won’t be here for awhile so lets dance.” I said as I picked out a cold one and gave it to my partner in crime. We talked about the baseball game and had the radio on listening to who is winning. Henry was tired and said  “Might as well get paid to count sheep.” he said. When it was slow at work we took turns sleeping. Henry went to sleep I was up and looking around doing what a guard is supposed to do. I was glancing at the lobby camera and seen a nice deer. I said to Henry just then “Too bad your asleep to see this buddy boy.”  I watched the deer feed off the vegetables that grew in Sarge’s garden. Just then the deer looked at the camera and looked puzzled and I stared into its eyes for a long second. As if it could see me. The deer didn’t move. The deer was wondering and I am thinking. All of a sudden I seen a flash of a picture in my head. A picture of an alien. The alien was looking at me. I looked up and there was aliens standing all around me. I found myself just standing there watching. Just then everything went white and nothing that looked familiar. The whole place was replaced from normal to just white. It was not normal more like a dream. As soon as the deer turned his head and walked off the visions were gone. I had a story in my head and i wanted to know the story. I wanted to know who these people were or are. Or I am just damn over worked. As I recall yesterday I was up on the roof just looking at the weather. Sometimes I just love to look at the clouds. I know I have been overworked and seem to be sluggish and tired and having these things happen where i see things. That happens when you lack sleep you start hallucinating  I guess because lack of sleep. I was watching the clouds then something happened. The clouds changed and turned and began to shape itself into a tornado. I seen it started to touch the ground then I seen it begin to work hard on the ground tearing up the ground. I was walking and up to the side of the building and seen the house being ripped up and carried away in the wind. I panicked and began to turn and run just then the wind was strong and it was just a crazy sensation of fear that came over me. I ran to the stair well down to the 2nd floor maintenance room. I ran down to the lobby and My partner was gone. I went to the tornado shelter and there he was already waiting for me. Awake and just standing there. We waited and what sounded like a train on the tracks and a howling chugging sound was so loud with some occasional banging was going on. Both of us looked at each other and hoped the building wouldn’t fall in on us. Henry was talking about tornados and how powerful they are. Henry talked and it seemed to calm me down and he was good at that.  We waited the storm over. We looked at each other when it was quiet we decided to leave the area. When we went out of the room. We walked out into the open sun where there should be building and ceilings and walls. It is odd that there is sun shining after the tornado just had left. I seen blood on our faces so basically I think we got injured from flying debris. I am glad we are safe. So we just walked around looking at the damage. Damage that was quite extensive. The roof was tore off the whole building we found in tact down the road laying on the blacktop. I reached over and turned on my Gameboy and thought well one thing works in this place still. I’m glad I need my games to get me by. I like to gamble even if it is just pretend money.  Well we can’t do much for working in this building and with our security cameras and computer shot we need to actually do more physical rounds. We need to cover the grounds so much for my sleep. Looks like we are out of the easy way of life and into the working way of life again. Well what do you think? We walk around and the tornado zone was a maintenance closet and a janitor closet and the lounge. Now will become our command post. We moved everything in there and tried to get everything back to working condition. In the break room there was power. We could never figured out why maybe it was fixed with a second source of power under ground. We set up some kind of makeshift workplace. We sat down and I said to Henry “Im’ tired old boy i’m going to sleep while you are awake now.” Just as I felt like I nodded off I had that dream of the aliens again. it went something like this. Well, You know the white. Everywhere is the white. There is an operating table and there are alien looking guys on there. They are operating on one of them a smaller one. They looked sad. Looked like a gun shot wound on the chest of the small alien. They are frantically working and one of them looks at me. Motions for me to get closer. I get closer as if I was floating not walking. I put my finger out and blood comes out and turns an orange. You know more like water in space. Not a stream or anything you would see bleeding. It was small bubbles of blood and going to the wound. When it gets to his wound it turned orange. I was seeing this Small Alien become more healthy and more energy and the wound close slowly. When the small alien was healed they all sat there with their heads down saying something in a funny language. I noticed the small one was looking at me. His eyes blinked. They all turned to me and I blinked 3 times. Everything went black. I felt a falling feeling and jus then I felt as if I were back on earth.
I woke up and found myself in a chair. I looked then realized. Im back in lobby area and nothing happened. There is no damage to the building and we are not in our makeshift command center. it was like nothing even happened. I’m just weirded out!

Dead Battery (Part 3)

Dead Battery (Part 3) Continued

I drove out and the long curve on the path out of the facility had large black paneled trucks positioned as a road block. Now this is interesting I said to myself. As I got closer I seen there was no lettering on the truck as to what company or organization it belonged to. Two men dressed in military uniform came out and approached my vehicle and was armed with an AR-15 each. I was beginning to worry. I waited for them to approach and as soon as the bigger man was in my window I went to ask what was going on. This man interrupted and asked me why I was on the grounds and what is my business here. I laughed and said “I’m a security guard and I work here.” This man looked at me and said “So where is your badge and Id.” I reluctantly gave him my credentials and asked “Who are you and why do you need to know?” The man said to me in response. “Quiet and just do what you are told to and this will go the easy way. I shut up and waited. It seemed like a long wait. They had a scanner like I never seen before and flashed my badge and drivers license over it and said “Okay you are cleared to go, drive around us and stay left till your clear.” I turned around the Truck and found myself staring at a large group of on lockers stacked up behind a road block guarded by men with more guns. I remember being very afraid of the people if they turn into a mob. They might think I have information to this incident they think might have happened. I asked myself right then. “Hey, wasn’t that a dream?” I thought I imagined it all together. I approached the barricade and one of the men who were by the roadblock got a call on his radio then proceeded to motion me through. I went through and the people in the group looked at me curious but did not do anything. Well, I am in the clear and I left as they kept staring at me. I looked back int my rear view mirror and I was thinking I’m glad to be out of there. I looked ahead and glanced back up and I seen the place demolished just for a second. Then normal. I looked up again it was fine. I looked up another time and it was fine. I can’t believe my eyes or I am just tired and over worked.
The work was due and i could not work it s thinking of the event that happened. All I could think about was that incident. The thought of seeing what I did was horrifying.The Work week Was weak.
With nothing to do. We slowly did our work. We found ourselves yawning and being very tired. We read our books. I played with my hand-held Gameboy. I was winning just when the boss walked int the door and Yelled. “You ingraids, You both are panty waste and just sit around and do nothing!” He said. His name was John we just call him “Sarge”.” Well it was boring here and we were so falling asleep..” I started so say when he cut me off saying. “You shitbirds your such a looser!,You have an excuse for everything!” “Yes I do!” I piped up. He looked at Henry and said. “Do you have anything to say new boy!” Henry just looked at me and said “hmmm” that was it. I could tell Sarge was going easy on the new guy. After all he was learning bad habits from me a more experience employee. Sarge was getting angry so he said “Get a bag and give it to me Daniel,Now!” I just then stood up and looked around I could not find a bag anywhere in the room. Just then Sarge says “I can see your keeping inventory around here like you should!” I felt embarrassed and turned red. Sarge said “You all, have to stay off your computer products and keep looking around after all we are security guards.” ” What are you doing reading books and falling asleep and playing hand-held games? We are soldiers of God” “You are are not allowed an ounce of leniency!” Sarge was done riding our asses for the day and turned around and left. I could see that there was nothing to completely feel guilty for. If the shoe was on the other foot and he had to stay in this damn room for 12 hours at a stretch and have almost nothing happen for the whole time watching monitors that seem to never change. Other than a squirrel or a deer munching on the “Sarge’s flowers or carrots in his garden he so adores. Sarge will be outside working on his garden like a farmer. On the other hand what can you do I love the home cooked meals. We just work, and do the greatest work when we are not working. We all have something that we do while working. I doodle on a sketch pad and play my handheld games. Others do what they need to get by. I just write stories and go on a mental tour of the world with my mind. We do the work in the end. What needs to be. A warm body in a chair at our post to make the world go around. The world just works and does spin even though we are lazy, Hell it don’t just stop and say “Damnit stop being so lazy I’ll quit!” I laugh to myself that was funny actually. What we protect here? Just a land fill. There is nothing but garbage and trash here. We protect the most expensive trash the world could ever make. When I walk around into the garage I wonder how anyone could put Gold on the dumbest things. I also wonder why people make things out of Titanium the most expensive and toughest metal out there. To name a few, Watches, Pens, computers, electronic devices. They coat them with 24k gold and full real Gold. The Guards here all thought about taking one and melting it down but we don’t know how to do it and we don’t have the time for all that non sense. WE just protect it. The work we do is being done good enough. When we do our rounds we always see exactly the same thing, nothing is ever moved or changed. This place only had one scare and that was from a co-worker that was trying to scare us. He waited behind a bush and jumped out and yelled and jumped us. haha I guess when I say “Us” I mean mainly me. Well, This guy named Troy he loved to pick on me. He kept it up and it got more mean each time. Writing death threats and a lot of more things. Till one day I faced him yelled at him and got him to stop and he eventually quit and left to another job. Good riddance and guards like that come and go you just have to outlast them. Since I work on the night shift. I always have been a night owl. I never worked on any other shift my whole time Ive been employed with this company.  I have worked in replacement for others at times. We work things out when we have problems.  I don’t call my job work. I call it baby sitting. Baby sitting garbage is a full-time job. I let out a chuckle after saying that. I went down the hall to get a drink at the only coffee machine we have. I wanted to just work and work for the things we need like the luxuries. Life coffee for the sleepy brain at long boring hours of work. I really want to work hard but working hard makes us sleepy. I work and work hard. I guess I am just work too damn hard. I am getting paranoid. Time to go with the flow and just play my Gameboy again and think less about the way this place is. We need to just carry on in the world some days. One day after another. I sat down and let my mind rest.

Dead Battery (Part 2)

Dead Battery (Part 2)

What is a guard to do? Oh I had a bright idea. I went to look to see if the one camera in the lot would have the footage stored on tape. I went back in and checked the recorder and to my amazement what did I find? I found that I had forgotten to start the recorder. I wish we had a more modern digital system but this system had to be manually started and stopped and stored on tape. Well now I need to answer to this mess.
Just as I start to write my reports and get my paper work ready. My relief walks in and asks me how the night goes. I was very shaken. He wasn’t kidding when he said looks like a war out there. I said “Something like that, maybe war of the worlds or space aliens.” He shrugged and said “Yeah something like that.” Roy was his name. He was a funny character. Light hearted guy who likes to drink and have fun. Playing pranks and just working as little as he could. One of his favorite saying was “If I can get paid to count sheep at work then I’m down for it.” Work was a way to get beauty rest. It was not a way to work and worry about anything, not to him anyway. So I decided to keep my mouth shut about this situation. Roy said “No, so what really happened out there?” I said “Well, to be honest a transformer blew and made a hell of a mess and a small fire.” Roy was esthetic and he thought that was neat! He wanted to see the footage straight away. I said in return that I forgot to hit the record button on the start of my shift. Roy sat down and said “Now that would have been a great thing to see, too bad I was looking for excitement tonight.” I was worried about getting caught and in trouble about not having started the security tape. Now time to move on and get into my car and drive home. When I looked out the window I expected to see my nice lovely car completely covered with glass. I looked outside and to my amazement. I did not see anything out-of-place and the power house was not damaged and no blown up transformer. Nothing happened. Didi I dream this? I ran back into the building to talk to Roy. I looked all over for Roy. Hey I said to the guard in the seat I just left a minute ago. Where is Roy? the guard bursts out half laughing “Roy? you must be kidding you know he passed away yesterday from a heart attack?” I was looking squarely in the face of Dan the guard who took over for Roy. I was sure Roy was the one who took over for me. There is not a soul here other than Dan. This is a holiday and everyone is out doing fun stuff when we work. I say to Dan “Never mind me I must be overworked you know how it is?” Dan said “No I don’t know how it is I’m pretty bored here all of the time, easy pay, easy money.” I mentioned to him that I feel the same but I was not getting much sleep and excused myself out the door. I got into my car and drove out of the lot passing the power building that was damaged earlier. I seen no damage. I said to myself “Yeah, old boy your dreaming again.” (to be continued)