Dead Battery (part 21)

From earth all humans and lifeforms were staring in space when the devices were set off. The bright blinding light could be seen and felt down to the earths depths. There were no survivors.
The Mother Ships were nothing but scattered debris in the blackness of space. Everyone looked to the ground and put their hands to their heart on the Military Base where these men were trained. Months later. With Peace and no threat from alien take over the planet and universe was finally free after years of fighting. Everyone was gathering at a ceremony for Number 6, Ragaar, Simoah. There the Heros of the Galaxy is to be honored and celebrated for their sacrifice to the world. A man takes the podium in front of the 600 plus at attendance and starts to speak into the microphone. “My son named Daniel known to you all as Number 6 was a special person. We raised him to be a giving and caring and helpful soul who puts others before himself. His self sacrifice will be legendary and so will be all the others who laid their lives on the lines for the price of our freedom. I thank you all and proud that Daniel was our son.” Frank said patriotically. “Our son was such a darling soul, I have pictures here of our son throughout the years.” Jill started a slide show standing back in tears. The lights go out and all seated watched the show as Jill began narrating. “This is Danny when he was just born, This is Danny in grade school getting his first report card, This is Danny graduating middle school. This is Danny just before he was put in the training program. I would like to have Danny be remembered as he was in this life. That’s all I have to say, Thank you.” Jill went and sat down next to the family with a handkerchief blotting her tears. The head of the training program takes the podium. “You all do not know me but I knew Daniel as you know him as Number 6. Before we got him and picked him out. Our galaxy and universe has been at war for many years. To end our war we had to pick a neutral being. A being that could interact with the device we found on a derelict enemy vessel. Number 6 had the right DNA to interact with the device. Something we could not on our own or you all here for that matter. One day during the program Number 6 asked me why he was picked. I replied to him “Because you are special, you are the ONE the one that is the key to the survival of everything in the universe.” “Yes I agree Daniel and all the ones who gave their lives to the cause is very special.” General Paxton says in response. “If I can have all of you attention and follow me outside to the front of the building.” A voice over the loudspeaker cracks out. Everyone walks to a space that has red tape and 3 large statues and a plaque. The General and the family gets lined up in front of the tape. “Today we will cut the ribbon on this monument to our fallen men who gave us such peace.” the general speaks patriotically. Frank and Jill cut the ribbon and shake hands with the General. Jill smashes a bottle of wine on Daniel’s statue. “To a good future and remembrance that we have peace and thanks to my son and Ragaar and Simoah.” The General leads the congregation into the National Anthem. THE END


Dead Battery (part 20)

The men looked out the Shuttle window and looked straight a row of Mother Ships right next to one another.
The one we planted the bomb on is in the middle. “3 Ships 3 People, 3 bombs.” Said Simoah “The numbers are in our favor.” Ragaar said emotionally. I decided to just wing it.
In space it was calm and nothing going on. No signs of war. Do not think too much just do. I tell myself as we get closer to our target. “I will get into a suit, can you get me close?” I ask Ragaar. Simoah agrees that I should go off to the center ship and activate that device. Ragaar suits up and so does Simoah. To get the right trajectory Somoah must fly the shuttle in the right direction and speed to launch me at the desired location where I put the bomb.
Once Simoah lined me up he shot me out. I am flying through the air. I hit the nearby floating debris from a frigate and I notice my suit is leaking air. Its starting to look like a one way mission for me. All of mankind is riding on me setting this off. I get to the device. This long floating sensation of being completely out of control reminds me of that saying “Its not the fall that you die from.” I hit the side of the Ship and I grab on for the fear of flying off into space and loosing this battle forever. I I look over and see Ragaar shooting across the dead night of space shooting like superman or a rocket one of the two. I see Ragaar have a rough landing on the Ship to my left. After I turn my head to the last ship. I see to my right Simoah flying the ship straight into the ship to my right. An explosion. I just got a thought he killed himself. A real Japanese suicide attack. No he couldn’t do that. Just then Crack Crack “Ragaar, Number 6 are you there?” it was a broken voice. The voice of Simoah. “You survived” I said. “I am injured and I don’t have long.” Simoah said in return. “I am leaking air soon I will be out of air.” I said in return. “Ragaar are you there?” I said. Ragaar “Yes but if we are all going to die up here lets do this right!”, On the count of 3 we all blow our devices.” Ragaar yelled. This is it, this is the end. Simoah went first. I seen a small explosion start to erupt. Ragaar blew his device. The explosions are getting close. I see it traveling through space toward my direction. I go to blow the detonator. Just then Click, Click, it did not work. “God please help me.” I screamed. I looked at the battery “The battery must be dead!” I put my fingers into my suit and pulled the battery to the life support and slammed it into the detonator. But the detonator didn’t set the charge off. What is wrong? I ditch the detonator and grab the device with a finger push in a lever. One push Click, and an instant white blinded my eyes. I had a rush of memory of my family and life and how I met Ragaar. “Hello, my name is Ragaar and I will be your friend Daniel.” I am at home and I see the alien on the day I met him outside my house.” Ragaar then said. “Hello Frank and Jill you have such a fine young man here I’m glad that you taught him well.” Ragaar continued. “Please do not take our Son whoever you are.” Jill said in a sobbing voice. “Frank, You you know that your son will change the world and the universe, his time is coming where he will have to help us all.” Simoah said convincingly. “Daniel you will always be our son, whatever your purpose is we will be there for you and we will understand.” Frank said flatly trying to hide his sadness and loss. “We love you Daniel, we will never forget you” Jill said shaking and sobbing. Jill made a shape of a heart on her chest and said. “You will always be with us in our hearts.” Suddenly everything went black. -To Be Continued.

Dead Battery (part 19)

The two men get into the plane and make a dive bomb maneuver. “Bogey on your six!” Ragaar screams. We take a quick left then a right. “I cant maneuver the plan in such heavy traffic.” I yelled. I dived straight down. We found ourselves straight under the ship. “Get ready.” I said loudly with anticipation. I pulled a lever and detached the glass roof. Air rushed in and I grabbed the bomb. “AAAARRRRGGG.” Ragaar screamed. I Quickly flew the plan right by the side of the power unit on the bottom side of the ship. The bomb stuck. I made an evasive turn to the right. Just then I got hit in the right shoulder with a random phaser shot. No time to worry about my wound. I got ourself out of the zone. I have a tail. I flew straight down and flew by the buildings very close. The plane behind me is faster and has ability to shoot me down. I fly to a building and turn at the nick of time. A rocket slams into a building. People go flying out and clouds of gas and fire come flying out behind them. I go and turn around the jet tailing us. I fly up and over and through the building’s hole that the jet just made. “I cant believe this guy is doing this.” Ragaar is moaning. He looks behind and cries out. “He’s coming in after us.” I fly through an opening that is just big enough to get out. The tail we have might not be able to fit through. Just then Booom! The jet that was tailing us didn’t make it out. I was happy I felt absence of joy. I looked back at Ragaar to celebrate out dandy moves and win in the battle. I seen Ragaar slumped over with a head wound from a stray bullet. I land the plane on a Heli Pad. I go to the medical compartment. There is one life saving unit left. I immediately use it on Ragaar. It does not work at first. I use the magnet to fish out the bullet. “Oh he got hit with a real bullet, primitive but effective.” Ragaar comes back and gets his bearings. “You should not have.” Ragaar pleaded. “I need a sidekick.” I laughed as I said that. Now I act all cocky. I said “Let’s get out of here.”I’m going to blow the device. I get in and grab the detonator. We fly 5 miles out. On the way I think of all of humanity and our families. We need to blow this device and level the area and take out the ship. This thing is necessary what we are doing. “Say when.” Ragaar wasn’t in the mood to play games. “Just do it man!” Ragaar shouts. I hold the detonator above my head and wave like a sign of victory. I push the button in with my thumb. Click. I looked shocked at it. I waited. Nothing. I pressed again. Click, Click, Click, “NO! fucking no!” Ragaar “Oh I figured since it was by the power source. The signal must be blocked.” “We need to go back and go in and trip this manually.” I said with a sense of sickness overcoming me with dread. Just then one of our allies hits the ship with a heavy bombardment of cluster bombs and 30,000lb bombs. All ships and planes fighting fell from the sky all at once. The battle fell to a stand still. The device never was set off. The ship has visible damage. Ragaar yelled in disgust. “Them stupid asses you cant damage the Mother Ship with such small weapons.” The Mother ship moves straight up then stops. Then diagonally shoots straight out to space. “We got the enemy to retreat but this is not over yet!”. Ragaar spoke angrily.                                     We sat looking at once another. We decide to go back to base. We go to the local watering hole. Have a drink and talk about how the enemy is out of range and we missed our chance. “Now what are we going to do now Ragaar?” He looks at me with a long stare. “I seen an aircraft built for space travel just sitting in the dock. Looks like it hasn’t been used ever.” I implied. Ragaar said quickly “No that is Simoah’s personal shuttle. That’s out of the question.” I gave a look like who cares. “What would he know if I took it?” I said being cocky. Ragaar says with hesitation. “Do you know what Simoah would do if….” Just then a hand is placed on Ragaars shoulder. “What would I do?” Ragaar turns around and looks. “Oh you Simoah, fancy meeting you here.” Ragaar said with a sinking sense of doom. I step in and say. “We almost had that ship blown up and finished the job.” “Very close, but the shuttle had a transmission jammer and could not detonate THE DEVICE.” Ragaar said in a low beaten tone. Simoah enthusiastically implies. “Weren’t you just talking about a shuttle in the hangar that you were going to take?” I said “Yes, well yours.” “We need to Finnish the mission. We need to beat them and destroy that ship.” We all look at each other. Simoah gets up and motions for us to follow him. We walk to the hangar where there are 3 suits and weapons waiting. “Why 3?” I asked Simoah. “You guys are going to fight I fly. There is no time to wait. We go now.” Simoah gets in and fires up the Shuttle. We take off and head to the stars. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 18)

A loud roar and the room shook the walls. The all looked at one another. I was woken up very quickly from a deep sleep. I ran from the medic station. Now hovering over our base is the enemy ship. Ragaar gets enraged and jumps in a jeep and drives directly under the ship. “What are you doing here? We will end you. Take me up so I can see you face to face!” Ragaar screamed as loud as he could. Just then Ragaar starts floating and gets pulled up to the ship. Meanwhile. I was shocked. What is he doing now? I started to wonder what I am going to do? I go to my room and think. “Well he started something already. Now its time to act.” Meanwhile Ragaar is aboard the ship. Ragaar takes stances with his favorite dagger in hand. Four soldiers greet him. They talk just for a bit. There was no Hello but it went straight into action. Ragaar dodged an attack from a long staff. Ragaar takes the staff away from his foe easily and swings around to counter an attack from behind. Ragaar downs everyone in the room. Now just barely started Ragaar pulls up a map on the terminal. “I need to find the maintenance tunnels.” He whispers to himself. Walking down the hallway Ragaar see’s a maintenance worker and pulls him off to the side and knocks him out. Ragaar fitted with his new uniform and access card. He takes to the tunnels. Walking to the center of the ship. Opening a door Ragaar finds that the maintenance tunnels lead him to the engine of the ship. The direct center of the ship. Must be 50 people in this room doing some sort of duties. Each one doing a job they alone need to do to keep the engine running. Ragaar pulls out a box and attaches it to the side panel of the power generator. He puts it up and sets up a timer. Ragaar nervously looks around. “Now all I need to do is flip the sw….” Ragaar whispers. Just then he feels a claw to the back of his neck. He gets lifted up and thrown against the wall. The enemy finds the bomb and takes it off. After a brief struggle Ragaar is captured. Escorted to a holding cell made of laser beam bars. “Who are you? Why are you trying to blow us up? How many of you are there?” The enemy shouted. The common inane questions a person could ask. Ragaar would not talk or even make a noise. “My name is Talak the leader of the resistance. If you are not going to talk you are going down to the garbage hold.”
Ragaar would not make a sound for hours. He was moved to the garbage hold. Meanwhile I am still in my barracks thinking of what not to do. I already know what to do. “Oh here it goes, the game is on!” I shouted and I rose up and started to run. Running all the way to the hangar I jumped into a plane. A small propeller job will due. I acquainted myself with the controls and started the engine. I started to accelerate to the closed doors. A panicked hangar employee quickly ran to the doors to let me out. When they opened I seen the coast was clear. I flew straight out and pulled up hard on the stick. I took a look up at the ship and gasped. A hard gasp. That is a huge sight. All the century ships running around flying around. How can i get this through the defenses? I decided “Do or die” I pushed the throttle hard and plunged straight into the belly of the ship. On the way some small guard ships seen my path. They cut me off with gun fire and phasers. I spiraled and dodged the attacks. I landed on a ship port side. I went to get out and plant a bomb. I got stuck on some metal object. I had to get out of the plane and do this by hand. 

Just then I am knocked to the ground with a blow. Talak found me. I didn’t know that he was so fast. “Looking for this!” Talak was holding the bomb that Ragaar had. I am alone and outnumbered 3 to one. All I have is my wits with me. The first of the 3 warriors lunges at me and I run and slide, though I slid too far I barely grabbed on to the side of the ship. The foe slid off and fell. Two left. Then the next second I was knocked down and pinned. The foe had a blade to the back of my neck. “I got this right now, Die human!” Talak took him off me in a one armed sweep. Threw him overboard. “I will kill you myself, It will give me so much pleasure!” Talak screams in my ear till I go deaf. Talak pushed me up to the edge. Threatens to drop me off. I am afraid. Talak loves to see fear in his enemy. He pulls me away and throws me across the distance of the hangar sliding on my back I hit a wall. “OOOFFFF” I let out a loud noise I hit the wall so hard that every part of me hurts. Blood coming from my mouth and nose and eyes. I think I’m badly hurt. I pick myself off the floor barely. Talak starts running my way. Long strides from his muscular frame. He runs at me I move in the nick of time. He hits the wall. “He’s not fast just strong.” I said to myself. Talak takes another run toward my way. I run and pose and just then i see a propeller still spinning on my aircraft. Talak is running faster and fast. I quickly duck and roll to the right. Talak cannot stop his feet sliding on the smooth surface. Then a boom! Parts flying everywhere. 

I look over and its a messy scene. I waste no time and I get into the plane. I fly down to where I know the center of the ship is. I fly in an hangar that is open. I go up and hit a button. What comes out is garbage! Tons of it!.

I was like…”Shit this cant be the right door!” “Wow wrong place dude, but the right place to find me!” Ragaar yelled.

We are united and I have the bomb! “Let’s go destroy this ship!” Ragaar yelled. I said “Umm Sure, Yah.” -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 17)

I know Ragaar is set on killing the enemy with total destruction. I was thinking about the outcome of such a weapon. Good people and bad all at once. I for one do not just want to kill so many people and aliens. I shake my head thinking aliens? I’m actually saying this lol. I get an inspiration to talk to Ragaar. I walk the long road to get to the office where I know he is working. I get into there and see a guard at the post. He says I cannot have access. I tell them I wish to see Ragaar. The guard calls in on a device that looks like a Star Trek communicator. I laugh to myself. the guard looks at me with a quick eye. I stop as soon as I knew he was staring. “Ragaar will be out soon.” he said with a smug attitude. I was waiting and was watching the sky. Planes of all kinds flying over head. One of them had an American star under its wing. When I stood there I had a feeling that overcame me that I might be wasting my time but I have to try to give it a shot. Just when I thought about leaving and getting out of the place. I said why not just work heavy on this sales pitch. Peace talk. Just then Ragaar came through the doors. “Hello Ragaar Sir.” I said straight away. Ragaar nodded. Not even a word. He stood stoically. I wanted to work past the reason I was here and I said. “Well I called for you to ask you to help me with something.” I said then without waiting for his response which I thought he wouldn’t say anything anyways. “I thought about this very hard. I think Peace talks are best and the enemy might see our point of view if we can just talk peace with them.” I looked at Ragaar He made a face that was very displeased. “Peace talks only gets you a false sense of security. It never works. I wish there was a such thing as PEACE.” I looked at Ragaar and said to myself “Well this isn’t working maybe I will go somewhere else.” I nodded in agreement. I told Ragaar. “I see now.” I told him to have a good day and left the office.   
I cannot stop at there. I left the base where I had protection. I started to walk to the “Uncharted” area. This area is where no one dared to go. I walked onto a rough terrain wondering what this is. This whole place reminds me of molten lava with glass. Black glass like hard. Like obsidian but not. I keep walking and I walk up a long steep hill. Once I got to the top I realized how tall this mountain was. A man walked up behind me and said in a shouting voice. “Why are you here?” I turned around and there was a soldier of a different kind of race was starting at me.

I said “I come in peace.” The soldier wasn’t listening to me. I said “Can I talk to you?” The alien then replied. “YOU? Who are you and why are you here?” I replied. “I am Daniel and I come for peace. I know your kind and mine have been at war for a very long time I am hoping there would be a way to come to terms of peace.” The alien looked at me once again seeing into my eyes and down my body. “You are telling the truth I can tell, but our war we had for 1,000 years has never been resolved. The trouble is that your kind is not trustworthy.” “Our race said the same about your race.” I said in reply. “You know Ragaar don’t you?” The alien said. “Yes I do know him.”

“My name is Takaal his brother. He is my brother on my Fathers side. I know how he lies and attacks our kind.” “Ragaar? He is a warrior like you.” I said. “When we were kids we lived together with the same family. When it came time of our age we left to different worlds. We were separated. We had to leave family behind. Now we have to learn to kill our enemy even if they are family.” Takaal said with an eye looking at his home planet and one on me. “Now Go! Go to your own side you are my enemy!” Takaal pushed me down the rock face. Cutting me deeply on the jagged sharp rocks. I hit a rock and my head starts bleeding and I start bleeding from many limbs all at once. 

Just then a shuttle lands next to me. I hear shouting. “You were always the sentimental type to the human race!” “You never cared about anything but yourself!” Go back home Brother!” “You Also Brother!” Both men are yelling at once another. Ragaar and Takaal. Brother against brother and mono against mono. I felt myself being lifted up and a bright light began to blind my sight. I passed out. Hours later when I regained consciousness I began to feel better. I see the blood is gone and my wounds are healed with no scaring. I was in the medic ward. “You acted careless.” Ragaar said to me. I went to say something and couldn’t. I was still so groggy. “You are too weak do not try to talk, Just listen.”. So I listened to Ragaar talk. “You met my brother Takaal. He is hardly the person to ask for peace. I grew up with him always wanting to create war and be in battle. Takaal must have said I am un trustworthy. To answer that truthfully. Yes I am. I lied to Takaal to protect him from himself. To protect our father from him. My brother grew strong much quicker than I. He could have killed our father when they fought. I never told him of his strength. We drank together our brew that we both craved. I spiked his with a berry that made him tired and weak. That way his anger and hatred to our father would not get him or father killed. I did what I must. He never let me down for what I did. We are both fighting for something bigger even though we are on different sides. Please understand our dilemma. Please understand peace will not work. The fight is over the Gallaxy and the power of one race against another. Not Brother to Brother. If we must end each other we will. I nodded then passed out. Ragaar put me gently into my sleeping pod and he left the room. “The war must proceed.” Ragaar said outloud to himself. – TO BE CONTINUED 

Dead Battery (part 16)

“You might have to make a sacrifice people.” Ragaar said in a sullen mood. We never train our cadets to go out and sacrifice themselves. If needed to happen it would be for the greater good. “A self sacrifice sometimes is a needed evil.” Says Ragaar in patriotic enthusiasm. “With this war in our galaxy our homes and planets will be gone.” “The enemy outnumber us and is stronger in many ways.” Ragaar warned us about the strength of the foe we are about to face. I grew more and more apprehensive that I could be of any help in this on going war. I mean a war with aliens and all! Even with my advanced genetics and training I am a human being against the alien nations. A bit of self doubt comes over me when I sit and think about the enemy and how strong they are and the weapons they use. I am human after all. Being human means I cannot fight as long as them. I am not as strong as them. I have to overcome and conquer against all odds. “Ragaar, can you help a human achieve super human strength?” I cried out in a moment of lack of self confidence. “Daniel, You never can know what to do in battle. All you can do is react and try the hardest you can to defeat your strongest enemy.” I thought about the next stage of this training. When I go forward there is no second chance to do the right thing. Also there is no way to go back to a safe home. I ready my mind to deal with possible failure and possible success. Raggar offered me some good advice and a story. “When I was a young soldier I had to go through a right of passage ritual to become the warrior I am. It started when I was done with my training. I was expected to fight. My friend I grew up with was picked as my opponent. I knew this fellow person that I will have to fight. In this fight it was not a normal fight ritual. We had to fight to the death. The fight started out with hand to hand combat. I got the beating of my life. The next stage was wood instruments I got a blow in that evened the fight. I was scared because my foe was stronger and quicker than me. When it got to the last stage. Bladed weapons I had a fear that was slicing through my heart making it hard to breathe. We stood with blades touching on our swords. I took a deep breathe and when the signal to fight rang out. I opened my eyes a blade was comping for my head. I ducked and bobbed and weaved out of 4 attacks. My foe was hitting air. I took a swing and hit my foe across the chest he stumbled back and bleeding. Blood was spilt and I could taste it as it splashed into my mouth. Iron taste and sulfur. I felt a hesitation of taking a good swing to end my enemies life. When it was time to draw the sword to his neck after I beat him. I hesitated and asked to show mercy. I was deemed not worthy of living with the community in my failure to kill. My enemy was my friend
Simoah. I gained a friend and I lost my place in society. Daniel, you will know what to do when you actually are there. I knew what to do to win the things that last forever. You will make up your mind what is best for you and everyone else around you.” -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 15)

Our next class was in Quantum Mechanics. I wasn’t into this. I might have to do tons of math. Im’ not good at math. I don’t get what we are going to do with Quantum anything. So I went to class with a specific apprehension. Ragaar was there. I sat in class and Ragaar was the instructor. There was a band that goes on the arm. Ragaar was showing it to people. “This is what you are going to use when you go into battle. This will alter time.” I said “How” out loud to myself.” Ragaar quickly responded. “By the use of your mind, this bracelet knows what you are thinking and wanting it to do.” I looked puzzled and didn’t know what that was about but I better not say anything more. “This can rewind time for you only, leave everyone else unaffected. This can go backward and forward in time. It can act as a time warp. “Now listen to me.” Ragaar said. Then he said that again. Then he said it again. I thought yeah so? Ragaar then said. “Daniel do you know what I just did?” “Yes i do Ragaar you repeated yourself 3 times.” “Anything else are you aware of?” Ragaar asked with a sly expression. I looked all around the room. Nothing is different. “What am I looking for?” Ragaar excitingly orders me. “Look in your billfold you will see a note, and read it out loud.” ” I wrote a note for every person in the class and put it all in your billfolds. None of you knew or are aware of this. Before you look, wait till the end of class. There is orders just for each of you alone to understand. Read when you can.” I read that paper wondering how that happened. “Wow and I didn’t even feel it go in my pocket.” I said laughing. Ragaar then looks art me and says. “This is a real tool you can use to your advantage, You see you are caught in a space time bubble. When I activate this device. Time is looped. The most elaborate cover up in the history of the galaxy. Is when I myself was responsible for erasing all evidence from the United States Government during the Roswell Incident. Gentleman are you ready for this?” We are going to warp through time and find evil and stamp it out of the galaxy.” Ragaar said with vigor. I thought he was talking about Dr Who. No way this could work. I still have my doubts. I cant wait to see if this is true at all. “Ragaar what a joker.” I said out loud. “No this is actually reality and this is no joke if you were about to die just rewind time.” With this figured out we all look at each other with disbelief. Ragaar went on to tell us about a time where he had to use this device. “I was in a war with the Mingreles in the galaxy of Zumin. We were getting heavy fire on our ship. Our engines ran out of fuel. We took heavy fire and our generator room was totally blown apart in heavy phaser strikes. Our ship was just a floating vessel in space. No power to anything that could be of use. I decided to put the time band on my arm and put on a suite. I used what air was in an extra suit to launch myself at the enemy ship.

I was heading approaching the bottom of the ship where I needed to plant an atom bomb. I looked to my left and seen debris from my ship heading for me. I had to shoot that last of my air in the jets in the feet to doge the speeding wrecking ball coming for me. I looked at the debris I seen it wasn’t just space junk it was our commander strapped to his chair. Frozen and face shrunken in. It was a horrible sight to see. I pushed on and got to the underside and planted the device. I armed it and felt myself blacking out with no air. Just before the explosion and my dying of lack of oxegen. I pictured in my mind the spot in time I wanted to go back to. Instantly me and my surroundings were back in time. I was safe. The enemy ship still destroyed. The space time warp bubble only works for you and the ones caught in it. Everything else stays the same.” Ragaar then says in a sullen manner while looking to the ground. “We lost thousands of people we worked with every day. These people were friends and loved ones, family and great skilled men and women with lives that matter. We don’t want destruction but we will defend our peace in anyway possible.” I looked down and felt humbled. I looked around and all cadets shared a quiet moment of reflection. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 14)

I feel glad that I passed espionage session of the training. That was hard. I guess because it took so much patience.
One of the things that you learn is to be covert. Get in and out quickly and not be seen. I never knew how good of skill that is till I did it myself. I feel a sense of accomplishment that comes from knowing that I can do something great. Let’s see what happens today.
When I went to class I seen Ragaar was there with a new person. He stood there holding a toy that looked like a bomb. I sat down and listened while the class was playfully jabbering away. “Listen up people! My name is Stan Stone and I’m your instructor this evening!”
See this in my hands? One cadet in his seat said “It looks like a toy.” We all laughed. Stan got miffed. “No it is the bomb we dropped in Japan years ago called “Fat man”. We are here to teach you how to split atoms. We are going to use this weapon only at last resort. One of the first things we will say about the bomb is that there is no bomb. No one will speak of any of this outside this room.” I started to think that they are serious here. “First thing we are to talk about is how to arm this bomb.” Stone said. I gulped hard when I thought of an atomic bomb and me having to arm it. The thought of this makes me nervous. No not nervous more like petrified. Stan Stone continues talking. “Once you are at the location the bomb location You are to twist the disk on the end of the bomb by the fin here and pull out the central core. Then pull the pin. Twist the disk back and lock the Platonium in the bomb. The bomb will be live. You knock the wrong thing in the process you can kiss your ass goodbye.” I was thinking the same thing. Stone continues. “You are to deploy the bomb and transport it on a vessel to a specific target. This will be determined when the situation arises. Could be dropped, Flown, Radio Controlled. If you need to you can throw it.” Stone said with a grin. I thought I was Superman there and how could I throw a 10 ton bomb! Hahaha.
Stone continues. “The thing you don’t need is for your enemy to know you have a bomb. Try to act normal and do normal flying and act in a normal behavior. It is important that they do not suspect anything.” “Yeah no shit Sherlock.” I thought to myself. “Lastly when you are the one chosen to be with the bomb and to place and detonate the bomb you are the eyes and ears of the crew.”
You will have to make adjustments in battle and figure out where and how to make the best advantages of any given situation. If all hell breaks loose You will have to take the wheel and do what you can what you feel is best for the goal to be achieved. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (part 13)

We went to a room that is just empty. I was asked to change into a dark clothing and shoes that had a split in between the toes. Strange uniform. I was put in a room to wait for further instructions. All of a sudden all lights go out and its darker than anything I ever experienced. I could not see anything. A loud noise came from the ceiling blaring so loud I had to hold my ears. A voice rang out “Now find your way out and remember we can hear you. Be silent enough for us to not know where you are.”
I started to walk through and bumped the table, I made a bump noise. “Warning one” Rang out from the ceiling. I started to remember the way we came in. Map in my mind and the paces of steps. I got up and stood up and retraced my steps. I heard a crunch. “What Glass?” “Warning two” Rang out from the ceiling once again. I know now that they put obstacles. I put my hand out to feel my surroundings and curved my feet stepping one to another in a gingerly manner. Just then I stepped on tacks, I did not put all my weight down I lifted my foot and felt my way over the spot where the tacks where. I got to the end. I went to reach the door. I felt for the knob and I pulled. Boom! Flash of light went off and I was blind. Just then I opened my eyes. “Third warning” rang out from the ceiling once again. Once I could see the lights came on. Raggar pointed to the door. I looked at the door and seen another. I was at the wrong door. “Who would put two doors beside one another?” Ragaar replies “Do not use your mind with logic only, you will learn that things are not all that logical.” I looked up to Ragaar and nodded. CAPTAIN ROGERS reports to me. “Daniel, or 6 Your skills are good, your primal instinct is very strong, but you need much more work.” I went through trials of camouflage and covert movement for weeks. I was working so hard at something that seemed so pointless. At the end of the last trial course. I had to be spotted and use my smarts to talk the MP to let me through. I get through the first MP by timing his movements. I get past the second MP by throwing something to distract him away. I get past the third MP by fighting him and leaving him knocked out put away in a locker. I get past the 4th MP by turning off the lights and using my night eyes to dart past him. I get past the 5th MP by crawling on the ceiling and over him while he watches his tv. I get to the last MP. There is no way around other than a door he is directly in front of. I walk up to him. “Hello, How are you doing today?” I say. The MP says “State your business here.” “ I am to see CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The MP says,”There is no captain rogers here sir you have no clearance you must leave!” I put my hand on his shoulder and say “You must remember CAPTAIN ROGERS.” The mp turns around promptly and opens the door. “This way 6” I get access. CAPTAIN ROGERS is standing there. You passed Number 6. -TO BE CONTINUED

Dead Battery (Part 12)

When I woke up Ragaar was beside me. I woke up with excitement for our day to start. We got in a car and drove to the local military base. Ragaar drove up to the MP and told the person there that he has business there. He is to meet Captain Rogers. I noticed how calm he was about it. the MP said “Who is Captain Rogers?, You cannot go in I do not know who that is, let me call my Commander in charge. We waited calmly and when the MP came back he was stern. “Sir you need to leave there is no Captain Rogers here.” I looked at Ragaar and I said. “Well we better go.” Ragaar extended a hand and said “Well thank you find sir, May I shake your hand?” The MP look at him in the eyes and said. “I said….” then he extended his hand to shake Ragaars hand. Ragaar said calmly and slowly. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The two men stared into each others eyes for couple of minutes. The MP promptly let us in. We drove in. I said to Ragaar. “You really have a way with people don’t you?” Ragaar replies smoothly with style. “Its not a gift its a skill and you will learn it also. I looked at him like he was crazy. As we walk up to this heavily guarded building. My knees started to shake. Ragaar put his hands on my shoulder and I was calm once again. We go in and talk to the woman at the desk front office. Ragaar asked for Captain Rogers. She said “Who?” Ragaar reached and took her hand softly and said. “You remember Captain Rogers don’t you?” The lady got straight up and walked fast down the row of cubicles. We had a hard time keeping up to her she was going so fast. How could this woman walk so fast I was wondering? She took ahold of the thermostat on the wall and pulled it down. A wall slid away to expose a door. The door had a name on it. “CAPTAIN ROGERS”. We walked through and she shut the door behind us and went back to her duties.
A man walks up to us and introduces himself. “Hello, I am CAPTAIN ROGERS.” Raggar says “This is the one, Daniel is his hame.” “Soon you will be called 6.” CAPTAIN ROGERS exclaims. We walk down these long stairs, all our electronic items are taken from us. Cell phone, iPods, and all metallic objects. We came to a room. Dark and had rooms connected and microphones set up. “What is this?”
CAPTAIN ROGERS said “You will find out soon enough.”
-To Be Continued